'Transformers 5': the Upcoming Fifth Installment of the Multi-Million-Dollar Blockbuster Franchise is Certain to Rule and Surpass Unprecedented Heights of Fame

Oct 30, 2014

Internet Movie Database (IMdb) has disclosed to the entertainment media that the fifth installment of the movie franchise may be a far departure from the previous "Transformers" blockbusters. Also, movie-making boss Michael Bay may not be sitting in the director's chair for the first time in the series. However, Peter Cullen, who is the voice talent behind Optimus Prime, does not buy the idea of Bay's absence from the rumor mill.


Apple Watch Release Date: iWatch to be Released Early Next Year; Here's WatchKit to Keep Apple Fans Busy

Oct 30, 2014

Apple jumped into the bandwagon of smart watches and will give Samsung, Fitbit and other developers of smart watches some competition. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said last September that they will launch new products for the last quarter of the year and early next year, and Apple Watch is one of them.

iOS 8.1 Review: iPhone 6 – Is It Really Worth Installing?

iOS 8 Battery Life Problems: It Can Never Work Out Between Apple and Batteries, But Here are Some Tips Anyway

Oct 30, 2014

Apple and its products are known for their short battery life, Samsung even made fun of it in their commercials. Now, after the iOS 8.1 update, comments from owners are flooding their forums about the same old problem. However, need not to worry to much as we present some solutions to this issue.

Moto 360 Vs Gear S

Motorola Moto 360 Vs. Samsung Gear S: The Battle Of SmartWatch - Which Is The Better Android Smart Watch?

Oct 30, 2014

This year, we've witnessed the evolution of smartphones. From phones, now watches are very usable and smart too. Samsung and Motorola released their smart watches this year and we will compare them so you can see what the better option is.

Sony Z3 Compact tablet

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact U.S. Release Date On November 3; Pre-Order Starts At $499.99

Oct 30, 2014

Fans of the Japan-based tech-company that has taken the world by storm, after the release of their game consoles, unveiled their latest device. Sony, after announcing their new flagship smartphone and tablet has signaled the start of the pre-orders for Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet.

Bones Season 10

'Bones' Season 10, Episode 5 'The Corpse At The Convention' Spoilers: Message Beyond The Grave Makes Bones Season 10 A More Intriguing, Mystery-Tainted Crime Drama Series

Oct 30, 2014

"Bones Season 10" came up with another mystery-ridden episode about the intriguing case of their dead colleague and held some interesting clues that might lead them to the identity of the villain. The FBI duo uncovered what they call "message beyond the grave" of their fallen colleague to his lover about their unborn child.

PS4 2.0 Masamune Update Package

PS4 System Update 2.0 a.k.a. 'Masamune' Released and Some Users Have Things to Say, Is It a Nay or a Yay?

Oct 29, 2014

PS4's system software v2.00, codenamed Masamune was released two days ago, Oct. 28. It has many different enhancements that can make your PS4 better than ever. The updates add one of a kind, future-seeking features like Share Play. It also has the most demanded feature from the users - the Youtube integration.

Beauty and the Beast

'Beauty And The Beast' : The Thrills And Intrigues Continue as the 'Beauty And The Beast' Season 3 Unfolds Anew In the Mystery-Ridden Love Story

Oct 29, 2014

Most TV audience loves to watch a drama series characterized by a fairy tale setting in a modern era. In a nutshell, this is what the "Beauty and the Beast" Season 3 is all about - a love story between a wealthy woman, searching for the missing link in her life and an outcast, hiding in the darkest corners of the city, afraid to face the realities of life above the tunnel where he is hiding.

Pretty Little Liars

'Pretty Little Liars' 2014 Halloween Special: How Will the Special Episode Give an Exciting Treat to Fans Worth Remembering?

Oct 29, 2014

An American television drama series, based on a book by Sara Shepard, will become the talk of the town this coming Halloween. It premiered on ABC Family last June 2010. In its one of the Halloween season's episodes, what will catch the TV audience attention in a significant way? Basically, the core of the story of the drama series "Pretty Little Liars" revolved around four friends who have been on a quest to find out the culprit behind the murder of their best friend.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6 : Nexus 6 Has Better Design, Note 4 Has Superior Snapper, Greater Data Storage; Which Phone Answers Your Needs?

Oct 29, 2014

Two most prominent smart phone makers, Samsung vis-à-vis Google, have come up with cutting-edge technology to produce the most advance mobile phone devices ever to enter the smart phone markets. Let us make an objective comparison of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 in relation to Google's Nexus 6.

Age of Ultron

Celine Dion And 'The Avengers Age of Ultron' Movie Trailer Sync Perfectly; 'Iron Man' And Captain America's Battle Against Ultron Goes On

Oct 29, 2014

After its premature release, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer has been the topic of many blog entries and web news but the dark action-packed trailer was not able to predict what comes next. With the witty and intelligent minds of Martin Revelation Films, the brutal teaser was transformed into and more heart tugging movie promo video.

World of Warcraft

'World Of Warcraft' Patch 6.0.3: Will it Dramatically Change Your Video Gaming Perspectives?

Oct 29, 2014

How would you like to play the role of a hero and a champion as you wage war with warlords? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you are welcome to the "World of Warcraft."

Xbox One

Xbox Live Gold Members Will Soon Enjoy Their Privileges With Free Games

Oct 29, 2014

Gamers are very excited about the free games and discounts offered to Xbox Live Gold Members during November 2014. Franchise Herald reported that, even though Microsoft hasn't announce the line-up of the games, gamers are still very happy and eager about the news.


Sega Confirms: 'Valkyria Chronicles' Gamers to Engage in Battles on both PC and PS3

Oct 29, 2014

Sega confirmed on their Twitter page that their 2008 tactical role-playing game, "Valkyria Chronicles," is in development to become available on PC. "Valkyria Chronicles" is a Japanese turn-based, tactical role-playing game that is set in the fictional region of Europa during an early World War II-like conflict.

Sunset Overdrive

'Sunset Overdrive' Gameplay: Make Your Tomorrow An Exciting Glimpse of Childhood Fantasies!

Oct 28, 2014

The year is 2027, in a fictional world where you find yourself residing in a bustling, futuristic metropolis known as Sunset City. In this "Sunset Overdrive" video game, you will be given control of a customizable character that is well-equipped to fight off humans-becoming monsters.