Sidewalk Prophets

Sidewalk Prophets is Searching a New Guitar Player

Jan 04, 2014

Shaun Tomczak has stepped down as lead guitarist for Sidewalk Prophets to follow God's call in a new direction and the band is looking for someone to fill his shoes.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Glorious Unfolding Tour" 2014 Dates

Jan 04, 2014

Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Glorious Unfolding Tour," featuring The Afters & Josh Wilson will kick off on February 13, 2014 in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana and will run through March 14th, where it ends in Flint, Michigan.

Audio Adrenaline

Audio Adrenaline 2014 Tour Dates

Jan 02, 2014

Audio Adrenaline has announced a few concert dates in January and February and then they'll be kicking off the Change a Life Tour with Kutless and Finding Favour.

Merry Christmas

Most Interesting Church Signs of 2013

Jan 02, 2014

Sometimes they're deep, sometimes they're funny and sometimes they make you look twice. Every church has something to say and these churches said plenty in 2013.


5 Predictions for Independent Artists in 2014

Jan 02, 2014

Chris Mooney, Sr. Director of Artist Promotions and Strategic Relationships for TuneCore, shares 5 predictions for independent artists in 2014.

Dream Center

When Charity Gets in the Way

Jan 01, 2014

Los Angeles has the second largest homeless population in the country (over 57,000 homeless people accounted for in 2013), but many residents in LA want the homeless out of their neighborhoods. LA city council members Tom LaBonge and Mitch O’Farrell have filed a motion, 13-1238, that will potentially restrict people and organizations from feeding homeless people and others in need in public spaces. Many charity groups, including the Dream Center, want to retain the right to feed those in need outdoors.

Tracing Days

Tracing Days Introduces a New Video

Jan 01, 2014

Christian rockers Tracing Days have released a new video for their single, "Masquerade," off of Control. The video, which was filmed in Bozeman, Montana, was an international collaboration of talent from the UK, Italy and the Bozeman-based band that is made up of Lonnie Bos, Logan Schelvan, Kendall Kanning and Jonathan Skillman.

Building 429

Building 429 2014 Concert Dates

Jan 01, 2014

Building 429 hasn't gotten their entire 2014 schedule set as of yet but they have released some of the concert dates for the year.


Run With Team tobyMac

Dec 31, 2013

On April 26, 2014, you can join Team tobyMac as they run the Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon.

The Crabb Family 2013

The Crabb Family Reunion Concerts

Dec 31, 2013

in 2014, The Crabb Family will reunite on stage for two concerts. Fans of the award-winning group will not want to miss these.

Centricity Msuic

Centricity Music Artists

Dec 28, 2013

Centricity Music 2014 Roster

Phil Robertson 'Happy, Happy, Happy'

A&E Lifts Suspension of Phil Robertson

Dec 28, 2013

When the news broke that A&E had lifted their suspension of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, the twitter-verse went wild.

Happy December 25th

Wishing Wouded Vets a Happy December 25th

Dec 28, 2013

In four different states, that is just about all the Veterans Administration allowed because anything with the word Christmas was banned as was anything even hinting about the CHRIST in Christmas.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Ends 2013 in Her Underwear

Dec 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus is ending the year with a new video, which features her in her underwear, reaching for places on her own body that we would probably rather not see. After "Wrecking Ball" bared all, stripping down to her undies is not even considered a shocker. And that's sad ...

Jesse Jackson

The Quacking Continues - Rev. Jesse Jackson Jumps in the Duck Dynasty Pond

Dec 27, 2013

Jesse Jackson and his civil rights group, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, have demanded a meeting with A&E and Cracker Barrel, the restaurant chain that briefly pulled their "Duck Dynasty" merchandise from shelves and then returned it after much public outcry.