Alisa Turner Shares The Heartbreaking Story. But It’s A Hopeful Truth Story! (VIDEO)

Alisa Turner

Alisa Turner sings with passion and vulnerability. Her songs capture something almost mystical, yet deeply rooted in the hard stuff of the “now and not yet” grit of the everyday. It’s the lilt and innocence in her voice and the heartbreaking, but a hopeful truth of her story. That story is inextricably woven throughout her self-titled EP in a tapestry of grief, suffering, hope and redemption for which there is only one appropriate response: unfettered, unfiltered worship. For the joy, for the hope… These are not small concepts for Alisa. These are hard-fought battles, choices made when her faith was just a whimper in a dark corner of the room. Alisa Turner / Self-Titled EP //

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