Cinderella News, Rumors and Updates: Blanchett Cast as Villain in Movie as Disney Avails Trailer and Poster

Nov 04, 2014

The upcoming Disney remake of Cinderella will be released with a stellar cast including Oscar winning Cate Blanchett. The movie is set to tell the story of the classic fairy tale that we all know so well. Good news though, the trailer for the upcoming 2015 movie and its poster are now available via Walt Disney. As such, "Downtown Abbey" star Lily James will play the role of the young and orphaned princess Ella, who lives with her mother and two evil step sisters.

Rhony Ramona

Rhony Ramona Reveals and Rumors: Ramona Allegedly Demoted to Housewife Status but is Currently Filming Latest Season with Sonja Morgan

Nov 04, 2014

According to recent rumors, the Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer had been demoted on the show to friend status to the housewives, but the latest season has already began filming and she has been spotted with Sonja Morgan. This week, the production began for the latest season. Ramona has a lot of things to talk about this season, on the reunion special last year, she was not so happy talking about her marriage especially at the state it was at the time.

Jurassic Park 4

Jurassic Park 4 Reveals, Release, News and Updates: Trailer Release for Upcoming Movie Allegedly Delayed to December

Nov 04, 2014

We have some good news for you as the trailer for the latest Jurassic movie installment is soon going to be available. Jurassic Park should be one of Steven Spielberg’s most popular and successful productions. At the present which is decades after the franchise began Jurassic World will open to ignite the dinosaur fever that began all those years ago.

NBA trade

NBA trade Rumors and Updates: Terrence Jones up for Trade from the Houston Rockets while Knicks Ponder Sending Jr. Smith to the Pacers

Nov 03, 2014

As usual things are lively in the US basketball universe. On the latest the way that the Kicks present Phil Jackson spoke about the guard, J.R Smith this offseason, it sounded like the veteran was not theirs for long. It seems like the Knicks had a talk with the Pacers about sending Smith to them for the price of forward, Chris Copeland. Copeland played for New York in 2012 but headed for Indiana a year after. These are just rumors but, in a way, it does make some sense.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs iPad Mini 3

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs. iPad Mini 3 Reviews and Updates: Memory, Processors, Design, Software and Price Comparisons

Nov 03, 2014

It is clear that Samsung is updating its inventory by the minute especially in the tab department. Just a few months ago, we were ogling at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but there have been a few improvements and here comes the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. As for Apple, you have to wonder about their long term plans taking into account they out all of their upgrades into the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 and they have both hardly improved from their predecessors.

WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 News and Updates: 2K Sports Skips on Face Scanning Feature but Introduces New Superstar Creation Tool Allowing Gamers to Upload their Personal Images

Nov 03, 2014

WWE 2K15 PlayStation 4 and X Box One versions did not come available with the face scanning technology, but it has something quite as good. On Monday 2K Sports announced the new Superstar Studio feature which everyone currently talking about the game is going on and on about. Apparently the feature allows the gamers to upload an image of them to the game to be used as the facial model for the created Superstar.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Game Release Date, Reveals, Rumors and Updates: Plot Updates and Gameplay Revealed for Game

Nov 03, 2014

Bayonetta 2 is developed by Platinum games and published Nintendo games. The action hack and slash game is the direct sequel to the 2009 game, Bayonetta. It was originally announced in September 13th 2012 around the same time that its development had begun. The game developers went further to announced that the game unlike its predecessor that was released not only for Nintendo but Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the new game has been released exclusively for Nintendo Wii U.

Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice Game Release Date, Reveals, Rumors, Updates and Plot: Game Released for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms

Nov 03, 2014

Massive Chalice is both developed and published by Double Fine Production. The game directed by Brad Muir has been developed for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms. The game was first expected to be released in September 2014 but due to a few difficulties this was not possible instead it was released on October 21st 2014.

Princess Kate Middleton Pregnancy

Princess Kate Middleton Pregnancy Updates and Reveals: Prince William takes Kate and Prince George on Babymoon for Reconciliation

Nov 03, 2014

As usual things are always interesting as concerns the royals. Prince William and Kate Middleton are both on a reconciliation baby moon at Balmoral at Queen Elizabeth’s urging considering the fighting is what drove Princess Kate out of Kensington Palace in the first place and into her parent’s home at Bucklebury.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 News, Rumors and Updates: Kawasaki Confirms Great Improvement of Upcoming Installment Visuals and Graphics

Nov 03, 2014

Tekken 7 is the next title in the Bandai Namco game franchise and is slated for a release on PlayStation 4. There is an arcade version of the game scheduled for a February 2015 release in Japan. This Japanese release also serves as the location testing whereby the players will test out the game’s mechanics and the netplay system of the arcade itself. According to Katsuhiro Harada, "not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it also allows us to bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire."

iPod Touch 6G

iPod Touch 6G News and Updates: Apple Still Fails to Give Reason for Release Delay as Device Unveiling Pushed to March

Nov 03, 2014

Truth be told, when Apple failed to include the iPod Touch 6G in the list of products announced at the Keynote event which happened on October 16th, it really disappointed the fans. The techies were expecting the tech titan giant would make an announcement regarding the upcoming device. There are rumors on the internet regarding the chances of Apple unveiling the iPod Touch 6G alongside the upcoming Apple Watch, and this is going to be Apple’s first wearable device so to speak.

How to Train your Dragon 3

How to Train your Dragon 3 Reveals and Updates: Director DeBlois Implies Next Installment to be the Final Movie

Nov 03, 2014

In the 2nd installment of How to Train Your Dragon, we saw both dragons and Vikings living side by side. The start of the movie showed the dragon race had moved in with the citizens of Berks and had fast become their pets and companions. It seemed like everyone was benefiting from this arrangement, except maybe the sheep. The rest of the movie was based on peace and harmony but there were forces of evil who wanted the power of the dragons for personal gain.

Love & Hip-hop Atlanta

Love & Hip-hop Atlanta Reveals and Updates: Benzino and Althea Take the Hit for the Reunion Episode Brawl and get Kicked off the Show

Nov 03, 2014

For those who are following up on the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you will be interested know that Benzino and Althea have been booted off the show. Insiders mentioned the two cast members were the scapegoats for the reunion brawl despite the fact Joseline Hernandez is the one who made the first move in the fight. In the end, the producers love Joseline and her ability to draw ratings despite the fact she is quite unapologetic and violent at heart.

Far From the Madding Crowd

Far From the Madding Crowd: Reveals, Rumors, Updates, Plot and Spoilers: 2015 British Movie to Release on May 1st 2015

Nov 01, 2014

Among the long list of English classics that were on some reading list or another at one point in time I the book Far from the Madding Crowd but Thomas Hardy. This was his fourth novel and it marked the beginning his literary success. During his lifetime that lasted from 1840 to 1928 wrote 18 novels and over 40 short stories. He is considered to be one of the greatest writers of the Victorian period.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Reveals, Rumors, Updates, Plot and Reviews: Plot Updates Revealed for Upcoming Movie

Nov 01, 2014

Nowadays more and more novels written for young adults are getting movie treatment. From Maze Runner to Twilight and The Hunger Games, it seems that the writers who are writing for this demographic are just writing books that translate well. The newest addition to this list is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight which is written by Jennifer E. Smith.