hillsong worship

Hillsong Worship “Awake” Album Review

Oct 06, 2019

40% of CCLI's Top Worship songs bear a Hillsong copyright. This means that almost half the worship soundtrack of the churches in North America have their origins in Hillsong Church. Not only are their songs, such as "What a Beautiful Name," "Who You Say I Am,"and "Cornerstone," the currency of today's worship music, their songs defy the passage of time. After more than 20 years, Hillsong's "Shout to the Lord" is still lingering in CCLI's Top 40.

11th hour

11th Hour Celebrates the Release of Two New Albums with This Exclusive Interview

Oct 04, 2019

11th Hour is celebrating a busy year with the release of two albums via Sonlite Records.

lore family

The Lore Family “Hidden Blessings” Album Review

Oct 04, 2019

"Hidden Blessings" is an album of a few firsts for the Lore Family. After many years as in independent family act, "Hidden Family" is the team's first album for Horizon Records.

Whosoever South

Whosoever South Takes Us Along the "Backroads" Behind the Making of their New album

Oct 03, 2019

Whosoever South, the pioneers of Country Crunk, returns October 3rd with their third studio album, Backroads & Small Towns (Pit Bull Productions).

jared anderson

Jared Anderson On How His New EP Speaks of God's Healing and Redemption

Oct 02, 2019

Jared Anderson, the renowned songwriter behind anthems "Great I Am," "Amazed" and "Rescue," returns October 4 with The Whole Landscape, a 5-song meditation on aspects of God's healing and restoration.

laura story

Laura Story “I Give Up” EP Review

Sep 29, 2019

Laura Story falls into the same fallacious trapping as most singer-songwriters. In 2011, Story had a #1 hit "Blessings" which has become not only her first and only #1, but has also become her signature tune.

Lou Fellingham

Lou Fellingham Shares About Worship in the Midst of Sufferings, Her New Album & More

Sep 27, 2019

UK's worship leader Lou Fellingham's has recently released her new album Made for You (Live).

Tribute Quartet

Tribute “Living the Stories” Album Review

Sep 27, 2019

There's an empty space beside me, pull up a chair" are the words of invitation of Tribute on their new song "Pull Up a Chair." If you do RSVP their invitation, you will be blessed with an unforgettable tour re-tracing how Jesus has been working in the lives of various believers.

Ellis Lucas

From Being Wanted by the Police to Being Wanted by God: Author Ellis Lucas Tells His Story

Sep 26, 2019

Are you struggling with your faith, feeling lost, and unwanted? From Ellis Lucas, author of the highly acclaimed The Potter and the Clay, comes the new book, Wanted. We are all prone to pride and hard-heartedness and Wanted will teach you that nobody is without hope, whether though addiction, abuse, abandonment or disillusionment in life.

life.church worship

Life.Church Worship On Creating Songs that Capture the Heart of the Church & Resonating with People Outside

Sep 24, 2019

Life.Church Worship has just released their new live album, God So Good. With 11 uplifting songs, this album includes songs like "God So Good", "I Won't Move," and radio single, "Where the Spirit of the Lord Is." The album was recorded at the Life.Church Edmond location and features worship pastors from various Life.Church locations across the country.

Zach Williams

Zach Williams “Rescue Story” Album Review

Sep 24, 2019

CCM is in the province of glassy-synth pop auteurs. Many a times, the slick dance-beats have rendered the genre weightless and frankly unauthentic. Many of these so-called artists are not interested in creating their own sounds; rather they are desperately trying to be copycats of Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Shawn Mendes under the sheen of feel-good messages. So, thank God we have Zach Williams.


Devotional Message: Let's Go Mountain Hiking

Sep 23, 2019

So, how do we know our faith is real? This is the burden of our text from Daniel 2: 24-45.

john bowman

John Bowman Discusses His New EP "The Hole"

Sep 20, 2019

Through his years as a solo artist and as a member of the multi-award-winning groups, The Isaacs, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and the GRAMMY-nominated Boxcars, John Bowman has become known as a substantial and authentic artist in American roots music for a sound that's pure, powerful and rooted. Now he's releasing his newest recording for Mountain Home Music Company - The Hole, a six-song EP of finely-crafted, heartfelt Country and Bluegrass Gospel. It is now available for pre-order ahead of its September 27 release.

john bowman

John Bowman “The Hole” EP Review

Sep 18, 2019

There are no wasted characters in John Bowman's songs. This bluegrass virtuoso gives the characters of his songs a three dimensional realism that they can leap out of his songs to offer us joy, comfort and companionship

Zoe & Cloyd

Zoe & Cloyd on Creating their Own Sound, Gospel Music & their New Album

Sep 17, 2019

Eclecticism and variety are highly valued in today's roots music scene, and musicians try to embody these qualities with honesty and authenticity. That comes naturally to Western North Carolina's Zoe & Cloyd, whose third album, I Am Your Neighbor, will be released September 27 from Organic Records. It is available for pre-order now.