Anna Benton on Being a Foster Parent, Her New Record & Making Music that Points Us to the Gospel

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Singer, songwriter and worship leader Anna Benton has released her new EP 'Seasons'.  The EP features Benton's powerful new single "I Know a Father," a track inspired by her own process of being a foster parent. Benton is a Worship Leader/ Songwriter with deep rootAnna Benton is a Worship Leader/ Songwriter with deep roots in the South.

She's a lover of Jesus, JR Benton, advocating for children in the foster care system, and every furry critter who needs a snuggle.s in the South. She's a lover of Jesus, JR Benton, advocating for children in the foster care system, and every furry critter who needs a snuggle. 

We are honored to catch up with her for this exclusive interview.

Q: Anna, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Anna Benton, and I am a worship leader/songwriter from Savannah, GA.  Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and it is Him from whom all my blessings flow. My husband JR is my best friend (I married way out of my league), we are foster parents, and we also have two fur-babies. I grew up playing sports all my life, and singing Sunday specials in a Southern Baptist Church.

In 2010, I earned a Softball Scholarship to college and assumed that my life would continue to be centered on sports, until I got hurt during my sophomore year and had to have two knee surgeries. I thank God that he ended my collegiate career early, because that's when I fell in love with the art of songwriting, and the many moving pieces that come together to create a beautiful soundscape. Being injured forced me to slow down. To see the process behind music. God always knows what he's doing.

Q: Tell us about your current ministry -- besides being a singer-songwriter, are you also a worship leader in a church?

I am so blessed to volunteer leading worship at our church, Compassion Christian. God has given me so many wise leaders to serve with and learn from.

Q:  You and your husband are foster parents.  Why did you decide to become foster parents?

JR and I became foster parents a little over three years ago. I've always known that the Lord calls us to care for the orphan (James 1:27), but I didn't know anything about the foster care system. We signed up for a general information class with DFCS and were absolutely shocked to hear the statistics for our County. How could we have so many churches in our community, but not enough homes for these precious children? We decided it was time to do our small part towards filling the gap.

Q:  Has being a foster mother helped you to understand God's love deeper?

Immensely. Being a foster mom has blown the roof off my grasp on God's love for us. How could He love us so much that He would give His own son, to pay for the price of all our sins?We serve a good, good Father.

Q:  Is this deeper appreciation of God's love behind your new songs "I Know a Father" and "Good Good Love"?

I wrote both of these songs 3 years ago, right before we had started the fostering process. I held onto them for awhile and wondered who they were meant for. When I listen to these songs now, knowing everything that has happened since I wrote them, I become overwhelmed with awe and wonder. God is so good to me; He is so faithful. I just want the whole world to feel the depths of His love for them.

Q:  Tell us more about the journey of how your new EP was birthed?

I sat down at our little kitchen table at the end of 2017, and prayed that God would give me words that people needed to hear. My heart behind these songs is that listeners would hear the truth that God brings hope to the hopeless, and comfort to the broken-hearted. This world has many things to offer, but none of it is sweeter than the presence of God.

Q:  How would you describe your style of music?

I'm a little bit of everything! I would say my music is a blend of southern soul. Growing up, I learned to sing from listening to Etta James, Dolly Parton, and Janis Joplin. I don't want to feel contained to one specific style of music when I'm writing. As long as I'm glorifying Jesus, I'm up for pushing the "style" boundaries. :)

Q:  How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of your listeners?

I pray that my songs would most importantly point them to the Gospel. Jesus is the way the truth, and the life. Our society will tell you there are many other ways to live a fulfilled life, but He is truly the only way that your heart will be satisfied. For the listener who is feeling like their life has gotten to be too much; anxiety is weighing them down, I want you to hear the words of "Good Good Love" and know that He is a God who picks you up when you're down. He is the light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep going, friend.

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