iOS 8.0.3 Update: Apple Devices Users Await New Bug Fixes, Improvement On Connectivity, Camera Roll, Enhance Button Issues

iOS 8.0.2:
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iOS 8.0.3 Update: Apple Devices Users Await New Bug Fixes, Improvement On Connectivity, Camera Roll, Enhance Button Issues 

Apple may have hit the smartphone market big time after the recent launch of iPhone 6 series, but it also come with glitches that their users and fans are not so happy about. Phones Review cited that the Apple's latest operating system has a lot of problems and it awaits update.

Along with their new flagship smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the Cupertino-based tech giant released the iOS 8 commercially and millions of Apple device users hurriedly downloaded and installed the newest operating system.

To be fair, the new operating system for iDevices is equipped with enhancements and upgrades that are directly beneficial to the users. But iOS 8 is not exempted to unwanted bugs and issues that needed to be addressed.

Many have complained in the Apple's help page and even in internet forums and because of this, Apple has released two follow-up updates for their new operating system. Just days after iOS 8 was released, iOS 8.0.1 update was made available. It was then withdrawn because of more issues and it was replaced by the iOS 8.0.2 update.

The new update brought some remedy to the glitches of the new operating system, but it also brought more issues. This complains include cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, iMessage, keyboard malfunctions, lagging, and too short battery life.

Because of this, Young Herald reported that iPhone and iPad users now awaits the upcoming iOS 8.0.3 update which is more likely on its way now, compared to the release of iOS 8.1. In operating system updates, "an additional decimal point in the tenths place" means semi-major changes while "a new decimal point in the hundredths place" signifies bug fixes.

This means while iOS 8.1 is expected to have some semi-major changes on the new operating system, iOS 8.0.3 will be the remedy for the bugs that has been bugging the iDevice users. Stabley Times reported that the new iOS update will more likely address three major glitches, connectivity, camera roll, and enhance button.

iOS 8.0.3 is expected to address issue of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that are brought by the iOS 8 and its update iOS 8.0.2. The update should also put an end to the Camera Roll tab issue. "Users continue to complain that the longtime Camera Roll tab in the Photos app has been replace by the Recent Tab." The new tab do not show the recent photos that the users captured.

The anticipated iOS 8.0.3 is also set to improve the hassle brought by the move of Enhance button. The button was moved to the top of the editing toolbar thus, it disappears after users used editing features. It is also harder to reach especially in the larger iPhones.

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