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Apple iPhone's have almost taken away the entire market with them. However, users wait for upcoming Apple products, with an anticipation that new products would be more powerful, advanced, than the latter ones.

Apple has brought a wide range of devices to its users in the market and all these products have made huge name across countries. With the release of iPhone 6 this year, rumours about iPhone 7 are now starting to crowd the market. The upcoming series of iPhones is expected to use advanced technology such as solar cells, integrated projectors, and more other features that can steal the heart of the users.

The new iPhone 7 is expected to be slightly bigger than the previous members of the family, to give an extra-ordinary viewing experience to its users. Sources claim that the phone would not have a navigation key and users would have a friendly working platform. The resolution of the phone is expected to be overhauled, making way for crystal-clear vision for the users. iPhone7info  believes that the iPhone is going to be a 4.7 inches device.

The iPhone 7 is expected to have a greater level of memory storage, providing greater music, videos, documents storage in the phone. However, as the previous devices, there would be variants in the iPhone 7 according to the storage capacity of the phone. Apple products do not give a provision for memory expansion.

In addition, the iPhone 7 is expected to have a built-in projector. According to iPhone Update, Apple is said to be working on developing a built-in projector for its new device. The project can come in handy to users when they have presentations, videos to show and so on, which is a cumbersome task when executed using an external device.

Looking at the media side of the iPhone 7, this upcoming gadget is expected to have a spectacular camera resolution to capture high-definition and clear videos and pictures. While previous iPhones have superb camera quality, the camera for iPhone 7 is expected to make digital cameras obsolete. The iPhone 7 would be based on a powerful processor, aiding users to execute their tasks quicker, and engage in multitasking. 

On the battery capacity of the devise, it can be inferred, looking at the previous products that the battery of the iPhone 7 would pack even more juice.

It can be said that the speculated iPhone 7 would be a combination of the latest innovation coupled with performance. However, its gravity can be weighed only after inspecting the size and the price of the product. Release date is yet to be announced.



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