'Amazing Spider-Man 3' Rumors And Updates: Parker's Love Gwen Stacey Set To Return? Spidey Will Join the Avengers in Civil War?

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'Amazing Spider-Man 3' Rumors And Updates: Parker's Love Gwen Stacey Set To Return? Spidey Will Join the Avengers in Civil War?

The 21st century can be considered the era of reboots in film, music, and even television shows. This latest trend has been evident, after several superhero throwback films that have been shown and had hit box office collection. One of the famed men with super powers that had its share of reboot films is "Spider-Man."

Produced by Sony Pictures, The Amazing Spider-Man had two movies already during the least couple of years. And now, fans of the web-powered Peter Parker are now clamoring for more news about the film's upcoming third installment, Movie Pilot reported.

The first rumor about "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" is the said comeback of Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker's love interest. It can be recalled that Gwen dies after a fatal fall from the Clock Tower during Spider-Man's fight against Green Goblin. Peter's alter-ego was able to catch her but Gwen's head hit the ground and the impact killed her.

If Sony will base the upcoming Spider-Man film's new chapter, there is a big chance that Peter's love will return. It is because in the comics' version of the superhero story, Stacey captured her professor in Empire State University. After her death, the instructor, who called himself The Jackal, made a Gwen clone and soon she walks back to Peter's life.

Christian Post also reported the next big rumor that haunts the upcoming superhero film. After new about Marvel's plan of breaking "The Avengers 3" movie in two parts, rumors of "Spider-Man" inclusion in the upcoming Civil War-themed movie flooded the internet.

Reports that Sony Pictures intends to share "Spider-Man" franchise to Marvel also strengthen the rumors that movie-goers will probably see Peter's alter-ego in the upcoming "Avengers" film. The reason for this is because the two previous flicks from the franchise have not reached the expected ticket sales.

In case this will be a reality, the masked superhero will be joining Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of Marvel's famous super humans. This situation will be mutually beneficial to both Sony and Marvel as Spider-Man in "The Avengers 3" will surely enticed more viewers.

Meanwhile, Comic Book reported that Marvel Studios did not make any confirmation or denial about the possibility of Spider-Man in "The Avengers 3" during its Los Angeles event. Kevin Feige, head of the comic firm, said, "Anything that wasn't specifically and obviously revealed today is either not true at all, or still rumor until it's worked out."

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