'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel' Can Now Be Played In Third-Person Mod; Works Easier Than Previous Game's Mods

Borderland Pre-sequel
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'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel' Can Now Be Played In Third-Person Mod; Works Easier Than Previous Game's Mods

Attention modders! A new mod for the recently released "Borderland: The Pre-Sequel" was created by TFXLive and is set to level up the gaming experience of the shooting game fans. The new standalone mod now allows gamer to play the new "Borderland" in over-the-shoulder camera angle, Wired reported.

Youtube user TFXLive noted that the new mod was made possible by some changes made to the game memory. This is quite different to the used approach in previous "Borderlands" game that "was easily modded into third-person via a simple edit to the game's .ini file." This is reportedly because the new game from the action game franchise is powered by the improved Unreal Engine 3.

The newly created mod, that "takes advantage of a fixed behind-the-character camera that exists in most versions of Unreal," makes "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" similar to third-person shooting games like "Gears of War" and "Uncharted." Because the new mod for The Pre-Sequel is standalone, gamers can enjoy third-person feature in an easier way compared to previous mods that required Cheat Engine software before it works.

PC Gamer said the gamers who would like to have the third-person mod will have to "download and unzip the file, fire up "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel," alt-tab out of it, run the mod executable as an admin, then alt-tab back into the game and press F5 twice to activate."

After the 'beep' sound, the "Borderlands" gamers can now shift from first-person to third-person mode through the F5 key. The new mod also allows players to make some adjustments on his character's alignment so it can fit better in the third-person view. The additional catch is it also gives the gamers more options in terms of character skins and heads.

"Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel," the franchise's third installment, was recently launched on Mac's, PC's and new generation consoles, as reported by Mac Rumors. The story of the shooting game with RPG elements revolves within the four playable characters, Nisha, Athena, Wilhelm, and Claptrap.

Each character has his or her own unique abilities. Nisha is the Lawbringer, Athena is the Gladiator, Wilhelm is the Enforcer, and Claptrap is the Fragtrap. The gamer's chosen character will work against Handsome Jack with the goal of Pandora's moon.

The franchise newest version, set between "Borderland" and "Borderland 2," will also feature Handsome Jack's back story and how he becomes the game's greatest villain.

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