'Captain Marvel' Will Be The First Female Superhero Movie; Walt Disney And Marvel Studio Eyes July 2018 Premiere

Captain Marvel
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'Captain Marvel' Will Be The First Female Superhero Movie; Walt Disney And Marvel Studio Eyes July 2018 Premiere

Adding up to the long list of upcoming superhero movies is Marvel and Walt Disney Studios' co-produced female superhero movie. The first female Marvel superhero to have her own movie is "Captain Marvel," as reported by The Verge.

The upcoming "Captain Marvel" movie, set for July 6, 2018 release, was announced recently along with new comic-based characters that will also have their own slated film. This includes "Doctor Strange" set on 2016 premiere and "Black Panther" which is eyeing for a 2017 release, Reuters reports.

"Captain Marvel," considered a long-overdue film, is the film producer's effort to widen their audience reach. For quite awhile now, comic-based character's movies are mostly lead by male superheroes. In "Captain Marvel," a woman will finally have her own solo big screen premiere.

Walt Disney's co-owned Marvel Studio still has more than two years before the set premiere. Thus, Kevin Feige, the company's head, said they still have "plenty of time" to look for the actress who will play the "Captain Marvel" character. Expect more rumors about the movie's castings from now on.

So who is Captain Marvel in the first place? Hollywood Reporter noted that the female character can be traced back since 1967. Created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan and appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes No. 12 comics, Mar-Vell is an alien soldier. On the other hand, this will not be the Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie.

The first Marvel heroine to have her own film is Carol Danver's alter-ego. Captain Marvel, initially called Ms. Marvel, was a U.S. Air Force pilot and was the love interest of the male Captain Marvel. Danver got her powers when her DNA was altered after an accident that killed her male counterpart. The female superhero, equipped with powers like flight, super strength, and shoot energy bursts, already appeared in several incarnations in different Marvel film.

Carol Danvers rose to fame when she was revealed as "Captain Marvel" during the series' promotion last 2012. With the new and improved constume made by Jamie McKelvie, the female heroine captured a lot of women who then become the Carol Corps. This group, almost all female, vocally supports the character and the series' writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

It can also be noted that Marvel also has Black Widow character, played by Scarlett Johansson. Some fans expected that Marvel would give a solo film to Johansson's character but it appears a hope until now.

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