Batman Arkham Knight Release Date And Gameplay: Game Has Two Collector’s Editions The “Limited Edition” And “The Batmobile Edition” And A Pre-Order DLC With Harley Quinn As A Playable Character

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight Release Date And Gameplay: Game Has Two Collector's Editions The "Limited Edition" And "The Batmobile Edition" And A Pre-Order DLC With Harley Quinn As A Playable Character

We have the latest for you on the release date, gameplay and updates of Batman Arkham Knight. "Batman: Arkham Knight" is a game which has been developed by Rocksteady studios and Warner Bros. Interactive and will be released on 2nd June 2015 on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game will be a direct sequel to the 2011 "Batman: Arkham City" game. It will take place exactly one year after game's events.

Although it is a direct sequel of the 2011 game, it is the successor of the 2013 "Batman: Arkham Originals" and the fourth game in the "Batman: Arkham series of games. According to Christian Post, the game has been based on the DC Comics super hero Batman and once again, it will be voiced by Kelvin Conroy. The main villain in the game will be scarecrow who has returned to Gotham City in order to unite all Batman's enemies in order to attempt to bring him down finally. The game was originally scheduled for release on 14th October but Rocksteady decided to delay the game some more in order to give the developers enough time to work on it. The game has two Collector's Editions: the Limited edition which includes the game in a Steelbook case, an 80-page concept art book, an Arkham Knight issue #0 comic book, three alternate costumes for Batman based on the DC Comics "The New 52" and a statue of Batman.

The second Collector's edition is called "The Batmobile Edition" which includes all the items in the limited edition but it replaces the Batman statue with a transformable Batmobile statue. More extra content includes a pre-order DLC with Harley Quinn as a playable character. On the other hand, the PS4 version will have an exclusive "Scarecrow Nightmare" DLC.

A post on Kdramastars read, "Big news regarding the Batman: Arkham Knight front because the Man of Steel himself will appear on the game! Yes, Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance confirmed! And no only, the secret identity of the Arkham Knight may have been revealed as well." Batman Arkham Knight is expected to be released June 2015. Are you excited about the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight? Stay with us for more news on this and much more.


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