'Dancing with the Stars' Season 19 Sadie Robertson Gets Advice from 'Full House' & 'DWTS' Alum Candace Cameron Bure

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'Dancing with the Stars' Season 19 Sadie Robertson Gets Advice from 'Full House' & 'DWTS' Alum Candace Cameron Bure

"Duck Dynasty" reality star Sadie Robertson has become one of the fan favorites on Season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" along with her professional dancing partner, Mark Ballas. 

As she has to learn a new dance (and sometimes multiple dances) every week, the stress and pressure can mount as the competition gets closer to the finale. The 18-year-old has recently revealed that she reached out to "Full House" and "DWTS" Candace Cameron Bure to receive advice on handling the pressures of the show and a friendship has blossomed between the two.

"She (Candace) actually had a lot of blackouts last season where she would forget some of the dance," Robertson told E! News. "So I had a little blackout Monday night and that never happens to me and I was texting her like, 'Hey, do you have any advice about the whole blackout situation? Because I'm kind of nervous."

"She was so sweet about it and very helpful," Robertson shared. "I'm glad I texted her. She's become a really good friend of mine, her and her daughters."

The 18-year-old "Duck Dynasty" reality star has made it further along in the competition then she ever imagined. "Everybody's surprised. I'm surprised. I didn't think I was going to do this well," Sadie admitted to TVGuide. She added, "I go home and watch the tape and I'm like, wait, is that me? Did I do that? It's so weird because I've had no dancing [experience]. This is totally something new for me. But it's been really fun."

Sadie also shared recently about becoming her own person and getting out from under the shadow of her Duck Dynasty & Robertson family name.

"For my whole life I've kind of been shadowing what my family says," Sadie told TV Guide. "They'll say something about my faith and I agree. But now, it's time for me to say, 'This is who I am as well.' I'm not hiding behind my family anymore. I'm sharing my faith by myself, which has helped me to be more bold and more confident saying things. It's the same God; it's the same faith. It's just my opportunity to share it in my words. And I have enjoyed it. It's been good for me and I've grown a lot from it."

You can watch Sadie on "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC. 



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