Paul Baloche is Hosting a Series of "Leadworship Workshops" (See Video Here)

Paul Baloche
(Photo : Paul Baloche)

Worship leader and songwriter Paul Baloche is hosting a series of Leadworship Workshop in various cities listed below.  These 24-hour worship intensives begin with an Evening of Worship on Friday and a day of instruction and encouragement on Saturday.  The workshops will cover both  the heart of worship, as well as address the importance of working on your primary skills as a musician.

All of the general sessions and workshops are designed to:

1. Encourage and equip your entire worship team

2. Deepen the spiritual life of each team member

3. Be interactive, up-close and personal with each presenter

4.  Increase your passion for leading others in your local church

Workshops Spring 2015

To register, go to  

For groups of 4 or more, registration is only $49.00 per person. Individual registration is $59.00 (Pricing for Belfast is different - see registration page).





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