Vince Gill & Amy Grant Celebrate 15 Years of Marital Bliss with "Whenever You Come Around" (Listen Here)

Vince Gill & Amy Grant
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Vince Gill and Amy Grant are celebrating 15 years of marital bliss this year on March 10th.  In celebration of this milestone, Gill reveals that his song "Whenever You Come Around" was written with Amy Grant in mind.

"This is a song that was inspired by a smile that I saw for the first time on the face of a woman that I'd never met. That was Amy Grant back in 1993," Gill recently told a packed house at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium as he strummed the tune softly on his guitar.

"I was so inspired, moved by the sight of that smile, that I came home and wrote this song," he admitted. "I had no idea that all these years later we'd wind up together, have kids. ... Life's funny."

It took Gill and Grant a few years to get together. After first meeting, they wouldn't tie the knot until 2000. They welcomed a daughter together the following year.

Here are the lyrics:

The face of an angel; pretty eyes that shine
I lie awake at night wishing you were mine
I'm standing here holding the biggest heartache in town
Whenever you come around

I get weak in the knees; and I lose my breath
Oh I try to speak but the words won't come
I'm so scared to death
And when you smile the world turns upside down
Whenever you come around

I feel so helpless; I feel just like a kid
What is it about you that makes me keep my feelings hid
I wish I could tell you, bu tthe words can't be found
Whenever you come around


And when you smile that smile
The whole world turns upside down
Whenever you come around
Whenever you come around



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