Lauren Daigle Wins Worship Song of the Year at K-LOVE Awards with Hit Single “How Can It Be”

Lauren Daigle

Newcomer Lauren Daigle is elated as she wins her first award at Sunday's 3rd annual K-LOVE FAN Awards. Daigle's hit single, "How Can It Be," won Worship Song of the Year at the2015 K-LOVE Awards. Lauren delivered a rousing performance of the award-winning song earlier in the evening before the sold out crowd. Not only was this the first nomination and win for Daigle, but this also marked the same first time honors for her record label, Centricity Music.

Daigle was shocked and thrilled with the award-winning evening, and the encouragement she has been receiving from her growing number of fans."I am so honored by this K-LOVE award," exclaims Daigle.

"I am blown away that the fans poured out so much support to make this happen. God never ceases to surprise me. To know that He allowed this song to transcend to the hearts of the listeners takes my breath away. This is all for His glory! Thank you so, so much."

"To say that we are excited about the K-LOVE award is an understatement," adds Steve Ford, General Manager, Centricity Music. "It is so rewarding to work with Lauren and to see how she connects with people at such a personal level. Wherever we go, we see and hear from people who have been impacted by this amazing song and the partnership with K-LOVE has been a big part of it." 

Daigle is gearing up for her second single release from her No. 1 debut album. "First" will be going for radio adds June 19th and the song once again spotlights Daigle's powerful vocals. The single was co-written by Daigle, producers Paul Mabury and Jason Ingram, Mia Fields and Hank Bentley.Before I bring my need/I will bring my heart/Before I lift my cares/I will lift my arms/I wanna know You/I wanna find You/in every season/In every moment/Before I bring my need/I will bring my heart/And seek You

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