Hip Hop Artist Chris Brown Repents After Hearing "the Voice of God"

Chris Brown

Once upon a time hip hop artist Chris Brown has been accused of beating up his then girlfriend cum singer Rihanna. In 2009, Brown was alleged to hit Rihanna leaving her with visible facial injuries which required hospitalization. Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department's Wilshire station and was booked under suspicion of making criminal threats. 

Now the "Kiss Kiss" singer says he has repented and has decided to to live life aright.  He says he has "heard the voice of God speak for the first time" and he is "tired of the devil ruining" his life. "I just wanna stay out the way and do music," he added. "I don't have any more patience for anything that will cause me to self destruct!!" 

On his Instagram page (@chrisbrownofficial), Brown shared a picture of him performing on stage with red lights in the background. He captioned the photo: "No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn't hesitate to blow his [expletive] brains out but that's the coward's way out... Most won't understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term. My soul will always be pure of heart."

He said people might think that his life is like one big party, but on the inside, he said there is a troubled young man seeking help and guidance. People kept telling him to "be a man," but he said the process of growing up does not really take away any of the pain he is going through.




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