Producer Michael Davis Offers His Thoughts on the Civil War Movie "Union Bound"

Union Bound

Civil War film Union Bound is an inspiring film from Uptone Pictures, Moving Box Entertainment and Weathervane Productions and distributed by Hannover House/Medallion Releasing/Universal, is based on the actual diaries of Joseph Hoover, an unlikely survivor of the Underground Railroad.

Union Bound stars Sean Stone (son of famed director Oliver Stone) as real life soldier Joseph Hoover, who receives the help of freed slaves on his journey back to the Union. Directed by Harvey Lowry, Union Bound stars Sean Stone (JFK, Nixon, The Doors), Tank Jones (The Deadliest Gun, Breaking Bad), Randy Wayne (To Save a Life; The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning), Trish Cook (Dude, Where's My Dog?), Issac C. Singleton (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and Christian Fortune (New Years Eve). Drew Seeley (High School Musical) also makes a cameo and Wynonna Judd's husband Cactus Moser (Wynonna & the Big Noise; Highway 101) recorded the theme song and makes an appearance as a wounded soldier.

We are honored to talk to Michael Davis, the movie's producer, about the upcoming movie.  

Hallels:  Michael, thanks for your time.  You have produced some faith-based movies before, what attracted you to produce "Union Bound"?

Union Bound is based on the actual diary of Joseph Hoover.  I love history, I love our country and when I read this story I knew that it needed to be made.
Hallels:  For our readers who may not be familiar with the movie, briefly tell us what is the movie about?

Based on the amazing true story of Joseph Hoover, a Union Soldier who was captured at the Battle of Wilderness in VA and then together with a friend he escaped from a prisoner of war camp. After hiding in the marshes of South Carolina, they make their way on to a plantation where they are saved by Jim Young - a slave.  They are helped by the underground railroad to get to freedom. 

The story is about both a physical journey as well as a spiritual journey of understanding.  He is forever changed by the experience and years later would say: I went to war to free slaves but in the end was freed by them.
Hallels:  What are some of the lessons you wish this movie would instill in Christians as well as non-Christians after they have watched it?

The movie is perfect for today.  It is all about how men from different races, different backgrounds, united in purpose and resolve, were bound together to reach freedom.   So for all the race issues we have today this film is a good start of how we should treat others, work with others and ultimately love and appreciate others.
Hallels:  You have quite a number of really big names starring in this movie.  Briefly tell us who some of the actors and actresses are?

Sean Stone is the son of legendary director Oliver Stone and has been in all his dad's movies. Director Harvey Lowry actually had a huge part in the development and creative "look" of Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Isaac Singleton plays Simon he was the 2nd in command of the Black Pearl in Pirates of The Caribbean.Randy Wayne was on ABC family but also has done quite a few faith based films. Christian Fortune has been in New Years Eve, Mothers Day and others... We also had a cameo by Drew Seely, who was also in High School Musical and Glee.
Hallels:  For yourself, what was the greatest blessing in the making of this movie?

I think it is when we get the feedback of how the film changed someone, or inspired them or caused them to think about things...  I love it when someone says thank you ...this film has done this and this for me.   It gives me such joy. To think that we had a hand in helping or inspiring or making them feel special.  It makes all the long hours worth it.
Hallels:  What was the greatest challenge in the making of this movie? 

We had several challenges the heat, the bugs, the ticks were part of it but just making a period film is always more complicated...   but in the end the experience has been incredible. 

Hallels:  What's next on your agenda?  Are you planning on your next project yet?

Well, I have several projects in the works,  I am working on a World War 2 era film about a girl who escapes a concentration camp based on a true story... entitled "TRAPPED IN HITLER'S HELL." And I am working on a comedy with some actual WW2 vets...  entitled OLD SOLDIERS. 

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