Mo Pitney Gets Married Today

Mo Pitney

Country singer and comfessing Christian Mo Pitney gets married today (March 5).  The singer of the hit song "Country" ties the knot with his longtime girlfriend Emily in Illinois, at a church in Carbondale, Emily's hometown. 

One hundred and seventy guests are expected to attend.  Pitney's brother, sister and father will sing the hymn "Be Thou My Vision" while his Emily's two sisters and brother-in-law will perform Andrew Peterson's "My One Safe Place." Pitney plans to perform a song he co-wrote with Nashville songwriter Wil Nance called "You Touch Me," which he says is about Emily and also about God. "I'm excited to sing that," he shares.

"I went home [to Rockford, Ill.,] and told all my buddies, 'I just saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life,'" he tells Nash Country Weekly. "I found myself always kind of chasing her around. Her mom had advised her to stay away from me at the time. Her mom said she thought I was way too full of myself back then. Her words were that I was, 'really fond of myself.' And she was right, too. I was pretty arrogant back then."

After constantly running into each other at festivals, Pitney and his new bride became fast friends, and two years ago that friendship turned into something more where the couple would talk every night and make three-hour trips to visit one another.

Mo Pitney was born in Cherry Valley, Illinois. He began playing drums at age six and guitar at age twelve. He later played in a bluegrass band with his brother and a friend. Pitney later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he signed to Curb Records and began working with record producer Tony Brown.

Pitney released his single "Country", in December 2014. He co-wrote the song with Bill Anderson and Bobby Tomberlin. Billy Dukes of Taste of Country reviewed the single positively, saying that "Mo isn't making a statement, and he's not the sign of some traditional country revolution in 2015. But he's a reminder of how good a simple country song sung by a man who believes in God and George Strait can feel."







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