Gospel Rap Artist B-Fade Testifies About How God Saved Him from Drugs & Violence & His New Album


B-Fade is set to release his All Things Are Possible album via Trendency Records  on April 22. The upcoming album, All Things Are Possible, features some of today's hottest rising stars from the Christian Hip-Hop world including V. Rose, Keno Camp,Brvndon P (formerly known as Black Knight) and many more, as well as veterans K-DramaR-SwiftHeesun Lee and former Trendency artist (and godfathers of the genre), The Gospel Gangstaz. This is an album that's chock full of big names, ministry-minded lyrics and top shelf production. 

Hallels: Thanks for doing this interview with us.  I believe you've got quite a remarkable testimony of how Christ turned your life around after a time in drugs.  Briefly, tell us how did you meet Christ.

I was living the street life partying, drinking, using drugs, and living without a care in the world. A friend of mine was goingthrough a divorce and he began to seek God through a mutual friend of ours who was a pastor. The pastor began to take us to church services and fellowships with other believers. I only went along for the ride just to have something to do, but God.I ended up hearing about someone who died on the cross for my sins, and that he loves me. I heard testimonies of people from the streets just like me who turned things around in their life by letting God renew their mind. I then repented and gave my life to the Lord.

Hallels: Your name B-FADE is also very significant. Tell us what does it mean?

B-Fade is an acronym for Be Faithful And Dedicated Everyday, and thats my goal everyday.

Hallels: Congratulations on your new record, why did you name it "All Things Are Possible"? 

Thank You, I named the album All Things Are Possible because even followers of the messiah have a hard time believing in what God can do at times. I want people to know that they can be delivered, set free, andlive a life that man would deem impossible. I want people to know that you can achieve great things according to the word of God.

Hallels: You have quite a long list of big names who have worked with you on the album. Tell us who some of them are. 

V-Rose is on the project now signed to Inpop Records, Brvndon P is also apart of the album production wise, and also as an artist. K-Drama is featured as well on the project. Spec is also apart of the production team as well as D-Free who produced "Don't Waste Your Life" for Lecrae. EricaCumbo, Heesun Lee and many more artist contributed to this project and it came out really nice.

Hallels: Can you share with us one memorable story about working with one of your guest artists on the album?

A lot of the artist really brought some of the songs to life, but two that stood out was Erica Cumbo's and V-Roses ability to add just so much depth and weight to a song with both of their writing capabilities. I was blown away with howthey both brought the songs to life and gave them rememberable hooks, and verses. i would say they are both very talented and took things to another level on both songs

Hallels: "Like Him," I believe, is your latest single off the record.  For our readers who haven't heard it, what's the song about?   

The concept for "Like Him" came from one of our weekly conference/accountability calls where we were diving into what it really means to be "Christ like", and bring the focus back to what it really means to be a Christian and away from what society and media says to imitate.  The goal of this song is to be an outreach tool in showing those who have never heard the gospel what the ultimate standard is and the importance of not being influenced by society's standard (the "got to have it all" mentality), while the foundation is on those who are in need of a Savior.  As for the other end of the spectrum, we want this song to be used as an encouragement to the "church" aka the BODY of Christ to get outside the four walls of a building and be Jesus.Throughout the song, you will hear three different perspectives on being "Christ-like."  Boasting in the cross, the Great Commission.

Hallels:  Some of our readers may still be struggling with drugs and violence, what words of encouragement do you have to say to them? 

I would also encourage anyone if you are struggling with drugs and violence to seek help quickly. Get on your knees and ask God to help you to turn away from those ways, and he will help you. Find a good church with mature believers that will walk with you through this journey. Join a faith based recovery program. Seek the help and God will deliver you just like he delivered me.     


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