Our Favorite Father’s Day Worship Songs

Favorite Father's Day Songs

This Sunday churches in many across the globe will be celebrating Father's Day.  Besides honouring our own human fathers, it's also an opportunity to celebrate our heavenly Father for His sovereignty, redemption, and providence.  Here are a few of our favorite worship songs that can help us worship our Father in heaven.

5.  WorshipMob "Our Father Has Won" from "Carry the Fire"

Hitting the bullseye as to why God is rightfully worship as our Father, Integrity Music's WorshipMob gets to the heart of God's Fatherhood:  he is the Father who saves us from the bondage of sin.  The Cross is indeed at the heart of the Father.

4.  Hillsong Worship "Our Father" from "No Other Name"

Jesus teaches that God is not only our Father, but we can relate to Him as a child with his or her dad.  One of the ways is through what we commonly call the Lord's Prayer.  "Our Father," co-written by Brooke Fraser, sets the Prayer to a gorgeous worship tune.

3. Planetshakers "Abba Father" from "This is Our Time"

Often known for their stadium big rock sound, "Abba Father" is an oddball in the canon of Planetshakers.  Tender, heartfelt, and almost country in execution, "Abba Father" is a beautiful love song to our heavenly Father.

2. Vertical Church Band "Strong God" from "The Rock Won't Move"

"Strong God" has such an infectious tune to it that even the most tone deaf congregant can sing along.  It has "congregational worship" written all over it.  And the words that exalt the sovereignty of God is what ought to be the gist of our worship.

1. Chris Tomlin "Good Good Father"

There's a reason why Casing Crowns, Zealand Worship, Passion, Travis Cottrell, Housefires and many others have recorded this worship ballad "Good Good Father."  These words give expression to what our hearts were created for.



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