Crystal Lewis Releases Life Anthem "Beginning Again" After a Bout with Depression

Crystal Lewis

Christian music veteran Crystal Lewis has just released her brand new EP "Beginning Again/The Remixes."  The EP features 4 remixes of the one song "Beginning Again." The song was written by Lewis, Jon Korszyk and Michael Wofford. Originally produced by Eli Thomson, the song first appeared on Lewis self-titled album released last year.

Described by Lewis as her life anthem, the song speaks of the singer's resolve to step out to live her life and career again after a period of depression. She writes:  "the last couple of years have proved arduous. uphill. leading up to the recording of my recently released self-titled album i'd felt so much confusion and anxiety.... dare i say depression?  yes, i dare say it. but those songs finally came, those melodies finally rang in my ears and those words finally made their way from my heart to my head to my mouth.  and the people God chose to put in my path to take my hands and push slash pull me to higher ground were saints and angels.  some folks i'd known for years, some i'd only recently met. all divinely appointed.  each with a message of encouragement and hope... that new beginnings were not only possible, but imperative."

Over the course of nearly 3 decades, Crystal has released more than 20 English albums (including two live albums, two Christmas albums and a children's album) as well as 7 albums in Spanish...and at 46 years of age, does not show any signs of slowing down.  In the 2 years Lewis has released a 2-disc compilation entitled '25',  spanning her first 25 years in music, including 2 brand new remixes of the hit songs People Get Ready and Beauty for Ashes,  as well as a Kickstarter-funded, self-titled album of all new songs. 

Having performed in front of millions world-wide, and having worked with, and sung alongside, some of her musical heroes (including Bono, Mary J. Blige, Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Andrae Crouch, David Foster, Michael W. Smith, Donna Summer,  Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael and Stormie Omartian and Kirk Franklin) there's not much left for her to prove.  Not that Lewis has ever been out to prove anything, she's always been more about expressing the joy of life through song than building a life in the limelight. The fact remains, however, that her life has been lived in said limelight... where she lets her light shine bright. 

Lewis gives a description to each of the remixes of "Beginning Again" from her new EP:

1. Blaine Stark// the first remix on the EP was done by Blaine Stark. Blaine is a fantastic producer/musician that i met in Montana 4 years ago. he's actually from CA but was visiting mutual friends in Montana when we met. he became, and continues to be, my daughters boyfriend/producer and a part of our family. in the four short years i've known Blaine, i've seen his abilities as a producer grow exponentially.  i completely love the remixes he created for this project and am very excited for everyone to hear what he and Izzi have been up to for her new project as well

2. Solomon Ray// i swear i'm not biased when i say i think my son is AMAZING! honestly i wouldn't hire him just for the sake of hiring him because he's my son. he's completely capable of creating within any kind of musical niche. i've worked with him before, but he's grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple years. this thrills my heart and blows my mind as i think about what the next few years have in store....

3. Greg Hobgood// the 3rd remix was created by Greg Hobgood whom some of you may remember from a band called Prodigal Sons that used to be signed to Metro One. Greg has continued in his role as DJ and producer and as he is a legit music aficionado, i knew i wanted him to play a role in this musical endeavor. i love the 80's synth vibe he brought to the table... takes me back to my roots!

4. Brik Liam// though Blaine Stark created the bed of beats, the vocals that rest in them are all Brik.  i 'met' Brik through vine.  just happened upon him one night as i got lost down a rabbit trail of crazy-insane singers. he stood out. i started following him on other social media platforms and lo and behold turned out he'd been a long time fan! i reached out to him because i adore his vibe and voice. don't be surprised if you hear more from the two of us together in the future.

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