Old Time Preachers Quartet Releases New Album "The Old Time Way"

Old Time Quartet

Have you heard of the Old Time Preachers Quartet? If not, you don't know how much you're missing out on! 

The Old Time Preachers Quartet is comprised of Mike Holcomb (bass), Jeremy Ballinger (tenor), Lee McNeill (lead) and Les Butler (baritone and piano). Why the group name? Each of these four singers is also a preacher. Their new album, "The Old Time Way," features ten songs, both current and classic. Their focus is on strong evangelism and four-part harmony. The Old Time Preachers Quartet is something new, but they maintain that old time Southern Gospel style.

Les Butler says, "The original vision for the recording was for it to be a simple Hymns' CD. We were going to record our vocals on some leased soundtracks. After we rehearsed for the first time, we felt like God just may be up to something more than we had envisioned. So, we found ten great songs that fit our traditional style of quartet singing; some old and some new.

"We still wanted to keep it simple, so my son Matt and I produced very basic, yet tasteful, tracks for the recording. We eventually added a few musician friends on a few tunes, but for the most part it's my son and I. We also took a very simple approach to the vocals. Most group recordings include stacked vocals.' We kept it simple with non-stacked, four individual vocals singing together as a quartet. You know, the old time way!" 


  1. The Old Time Way
  2. I Won't Have To Worry Anymore
  3. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  4. That I Could Still Go Free
  5. I'll Ride This Ship To The Shore
  6. I Believe He's Coming Back
  7. Somewhere Between Conviction And Grace
  8. Wavin' This World Goodbye
  9. I Can't Even Walk
  10. When I Wake Up



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