Grayson|Reed Speaks About How Their New EP "Walk" Ministers To Our Marriages, Families & Faith

Grayson Reed

Husband and wife duo, Grayson|Reed, releases their first project "Walk" for Centricity Music today. The six-song EP is available at all online music outlets, with a nine-song version of the record only being sold at Grayson|Reed concerts. Besides the amazing talents of Mike Grayson (Mikeschair) and Molly Reed (City Harbor), numerous producers took part in creating this project including Justin Ebach, Ben Glover, Jeff Pardo and Seth Mosley. Grayson|Reed co-wrote all the original material, including their new single, "Fight For You," that is already No. 14 on Billboard's Soft AC chart.

Grayson|Reed bring impressive credentials to the new duo, as they began their separate careers at Nashville's Belmont University. Mikeschair originated at the college and between 2006 - 2014 the band received 12 Dove Awards nominations, released three national albums and five EP's, and their single, "Let The Waters Rise" peaked at No. 8 On Billboard's Hot Christian Songs Chart. In 2011, Reed joined City Harbor and the duo's debut national album released to critical acclaim and had two Billboard charting singles. After City Harbor disbanded, Reed turned her attention to songwriting and has written songs for such high-profile artists as Francesca Battistelli, Colton Dixon, Amy Grant, Point of Grace, Ginny Owens and Danny Gokey.   

Q: Congratulations on the release of your new song "Fight for You" The song is already bringing hope and inspiration to many couples and their marriages, what was the story behind the writing of this powerful song?

Thank you! "Fight For You" has so far exceeded our hope as far as impact goes. When we set out to write for our record, we knew we wanted to write an honest song about marriage. When it came time to write the song, we just kind of started an "open journal" of sorts to look into our life. We both know that love is a choice, and we wanted to express how important it is to fight for each other and to choose one another every single day. There are too many things in the world that will try to pull you apart or put space between couples, so that's why every day we wake up and choose each other. We prayed that other people and couples who hear the song would be encouraged, inspired and even challenged to do the same. The response has been overwhelming and we are SO grateful for the ways the Lord is using this song!

Q: The song speaks about not giving up in tough times during a marriage and the need to fight for each other's love. What are some practical ways we can fight for each other's love?

For us, fighting for each other and for our love starts with the simple things; listening, encouraging each other, making time for date nights and fun moments to connect. It gets so easy to put marriage on the back burner and replace it with focus on work, kids, friends etc., so we have found that it comes down to a daily choice and an effort to care for each other and to keep our marriage first. Open communication and vulnerability are key. Without that, often, we find ourselves "writing stories" about what the other one is thinking or feeling....and most of the time it's not the truth. Get your thoughts and feelings out there. We are always drawn closer to each other when we TALK.

Q: How important is God, the Bible and faith in the process of fighting for your love?

It's EVERYTHING. The very reason we fight for each other and our love is because of the example Jesus gives us in always pursuing and fighting for our love towards Him. Our faith is the very center of our marriage and we strive every day to keep it that way. It keeps us grounded and helps us to maintain a selfless perspective. It's essential to put each other first and being human. That's not always easy. Thankfully we have God's word and example to follow. We try to pray together daily.

Q: Your new EP "Walk" not only addresses the issue of marriage, but "Bloom" is about your daughter. Tell us more about this song.

We wanted to write a song for Grailey on this record, so she's the inspiration for "Bloom." I feel like the last line in the chorus sums it up well, "He'll use the rain to make you bloom." We want our daughter to rely on Christ in every moment of her life, especially the hard ones. When she puts her hope, faith and trust in the Lord, He can and will use every situation to help her grow in her faith. That's our prayer, that she would know He is near and even in the hard times in life. He can and will make a way and make her better from it...make her "Bloom."

Q: One of my favorite songs is "Be Revealed." What's the story behind this song?

Thank you! "Be Revealed" came from a conversation we were having one evening about how often we find ourselves overlooking or "missing" God and His goodness, faithfulness and love because we are blinded by ourselves. This song is a prayer that Jesus would come alive in all areas of our lives and reveal Himself in every situation. Not only that He would show himself, but that WE would believe in His promise that He remains steady and true in each moment of our life.

Q: How do you wish this new EP would impact the lives of your listeners?

We wrote each song from our hearts, life, and souls. We pray that whoever listens would feel the authenticity we laid out and connect in some way. We want people to feel inspired to draw closer to God and to be reminded that they are not alone in their struggles, fears and thoughts.

Q: Coming from both different bands, was it easy working together for this EP? And how would you describe your sound now?

Mike and I set out to find what "we" as a couple sounded like. We are so proud of the result. Much to our surprise, it was a very natural thing to create music together. We felt like we were able to go deeper into song content working together versus working without previous bands. We have such fond memories of both MIKESCHAIR and City Harbor, but where we are now, as Grayson|Reed, feels right. This has actually always been our dream. To create music together. We just knew that God had to work it all out. We are both so thankful that He did! Our sound now is sort of a "Nashville meets LA" kind of vibe. Some pop country production influence, with great care in writing lyrics and melody. We aimed to create a sound that we would want to listen to.

Q: For our readers who would like to find out more about you and your music, where can they go?

Everywhere! haha You can find us on all digital music outlets, as well as, and also at,, 

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