Nucci Reyo the King's Kid Shares His Testimony: From Collaborating with P. Diddy to Singing for the Lord

Nucci Reyo

Nucci Reyo, now known by his fans as Nucci Reyo The Kings Kid, had collaborated with P Diddy, Lil Flip, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Raekwon of Wu-Tang, Gillie the Kid, and the Bleach Brothers. Nucci was also able to work with R&B singers including Carl Thomas, Marques Houston, R.Kelly and artist, Deemi who he collaborated on the hit song "On The Radio." In 2005, Nucci released Welcome to NuccJerz, featuring his hit single "Pray For Me" which received heavy radio rotation from the notorious Hot 97 DJ's.

In June 2007, Nucci's all around musical gift led to his being cast in the hit gospel play entitled, "Don't Count Me Out." During this experience, Nucci's life was impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ and he became born again; it was then that his life was catapulted into a new direction and a new message was birthed in his heart. Nucci committed to yielding his gift to God and his music now breathes a fresh anointing destined to impact a generation.

After appearing in "Don't Count Me Out," he took other roles in gospel plays including; "Judgement Day" and a role as the Prophet Isaiah in, "Mary and Martha." Nucci's entrance into The Kingdom of Light is truly prophetic and timely. Since then Nucci has starred in the Hip Hop Musical Divine Intervention which ran for 6 months in 2010. 

Now, Nucci has been working on his brand new Christian hip hop album.  We are honored to be able to catch up with him for this exclusive interview.

Q:  What were some of the highlights as well as temptations working within the entertainment industry?

First, thanks for interviewing me. My biggest highlights were opening shows for acts like Nas, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. When you grow up as a fan of these people and the next thing you know you're sharing the stage with them, it's surreal. I'd say my biggest temptation was the women. When you are around celebrities and making a certain amount of money they just flock. 

Q:  Then in 2007, you were involved in a Gospel play "Don't Count Me In," what made you want to be a part of this play?

I've always looked to expand my artistic horizons. I'd try anything artistic once back then. My mother's production company was doing it and it was the kinda thing that I just couldn't say no to. 

Q:  Was it during this time Christ found you?  How did your conversion come about?

Yes, I was the only " unsaved " person in the play. The whole cast was strong believers and when we would pray before and after rehearsals and shows, the presence of God would fill the room in a tangible undeniable way and I would be thinking to myself " what is that". 

My mother invited me to an evangelism class one night and when I don't even know why I said yes. When the Prophet who was teaching  the class touched me, everything inside of me shook and I began crying uncontrollably. I could fill my spirit come alive. From that moment on life was different. Q:  You are currently making Christian music.  Tell us more about your music now.Now my music is about being a light in darkness. I speak on all the topics that secular music speaks on but from an angle of truth. 

Q:  Are you planning on getting an album out soon?  If so, tell us more about your upcoming album.

Yea I'm currently working on an album called bridging the gap. A collaboration with Bishop Donald Hilliard jr. I want to remind all the gangsters from my hood where we come from. We all share a church background. We were all singing in the choir together and then the next thing you know we were all on the corner together. I'm remixing a lot of the hymns that we sung in the choir with the hopes of the Holy Spirit using it as a tool of reminder and revival. 

Q:  Where can our readers go o access or/and purchase your new music?  


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