Southern Raised Wants Listeners to Journey with Them to Heaven with New Album

Southern Raised

StowTown Records is thrilled to announce the release of a brand new album, Another World, from one of gospel music's fastest rising family groups, Southern Raised. Distributed exclusively to retail and digital outlets by Provident-Sony Distribution, Another World is scheduled to release May 5. The StowTown album will be available online and at Christian bookstores and outlets worldwide.

Southern Raised, a vocal and instrumental group comprised of sisters, Lindsay (bass), Sarah (banjo), and Emily (mandolin and violin), along with their younger brother Matthew (guitar), has received multiple nominations in recent years: Singing News Fan Awards, Diamond Awards, Front Porch Fellowship and SPBGMA Midwest awards, Band of the Year, Vocal Group of the Year and Christian Country Album of the Year. 

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us again.  When we did an interview with you for your previous album, "Make a Difference," the article was extremely well-received.  For some of our readers who may not be familiar, who is Southern Raised? 

Well thank you, that makes us happy and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share with your readers again! Southern Raised is an award winning band of kinfolk from the Ozark Mountains. Our roots go deep into the genre we were raised and trained in -classical music. We have been performing together as a band since 2007, this year is especially exciting, it's our 10 year Anniversary! The band is made up of siblings- Lindsay (bass), Sarah (Banjo), Emily (mandolin&fiddle) and Matt (guitar). We  perform internationally and and have appeared on television programs such as, RFD'S popular Larry's Country Diner, RFD's Music City Show, Daystar's Gospel Music Showcase and Great American Gospel.

Q: Your new record "Another World," you've got to work with the lovely folks at StowTown Records.  How did you get to work with them? 

Yes! Everyone at Stowtown is truly lovely and we are so excited and honored to be a part of the Stowtown Records Family! They approached us last year about signing with Stowtown, we prayed about it and felt a peace and saw it as a door God was opening! The Stowtown Staff consistently has the bar of excellence set at the highest level and the professional and expedient way they operate makes for a wonderful and productive experience. We are so happy to be part of the Stowtown family! 

Q: What did Wayne Haun bring to the album that you really appreciate? 

Wayne was indeed incredible to work with! His creative juices mingling with our seemed seemed to be a recipe for our hearts and dreams to be born into music. Looking back on it all, it would be hard to pick only a few (Lindsay) had the honor of co-writing with him on several songs on the project and he brought alot to the table through the creation of those songs....but I would say he was key in vocal arranging.  He took our genetic harmonies and sibling intuition and just ran with it! We loved every minute! He is rather genius you know.....and it was so fun to see his wheels of creation turning inside his head. Vocally, he really worked with us and kinda began the  genesis of a new era of our vocals.

Q: One of the distinction you have is that you are not afraid to bring classical, country, bluegrass and Gospel music together. You even have "Beethoven's 5th" on the record!  Tell us about your classical background. And why did you include a Beethoven number? 

Classical music is literally what we cut our teeth on! Bach and Beethoven was the music of our childhood. It was really only natural that the music that shaped us in our early years would  mold the music we create and make today. Classically I  (Lindsay) was trained on violin and piano,  Sarah and Emily the same and Matt trained on classical cello.We did private lessons and even a local orchestra in our classical years. When we shared our story on stage and told people of our background, we began getting requests to play classical on stage.....hence Beethoven! Out of our classical repertoire Beethoven's 5th quickly became a crowd favorite and was requested to be included on cd. It's our first classical number to be on a CD project and we are so excited! 

Q: Since your music is so encompassing, who do you normally listen to?  Who are some of musical heroes (both secular and Christian)?  

Our influences span a wide range of genres - Christian,classical, celtic, Appalachian and country.   It is difficult to nail that down to a few artists.  Bach and Beethoven are top influences styllistically and there are too many wonderful Christian peers to list!  And Who can resist the beautiful throwback harmonies of Sons of the San Joaquin! 

Q: What type of songs were you looking for when you were choosing songs for "Another World"?  

Well, this is our first project that we have actually joined with other writers. Being a writer myself, we brought to the table concepts and gave those birth and wings. We had ideas like, tempos and emotions we wanted to touch upon. We also have goals that we strive to reach when the album is completed. Salvation, Love, Encouragement, Peace found with God's will, Faith and Trust. These are all attributes we try to breathe into the music.The completed original material takes the listener on a journey from the cross and what Christ did for us,  letting go and letting God plan our paths, aspiring to be something for God in this life that will change the world, giving God our worries and resting in His Hands,soaking in each little moment God gives us and realizing the power of what love can do to impact those around us. We were so excited for the diversity within the original material!

Q: Pick three songs off the new record and tell us why you are excited about them. 

1."Another World", the title track on our project is one I co-wrote with Wayne Haun and Jeff Bumgardner. The inspiration for that song came from a quote by C.S. Lewis -"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."From there the song was born and I envisioned a whimsical, celtic sound and oh my! It exceeded my dreams in the melody and production! The message of the song has become a theme for us as we release this project.

2." That's What Love Can Do"my brother I co-wrote with Wayne Haun and Jeff Bumgardner. It is an Anthem declaring boldly what Christian Love can do to change the world! It's a powerful message and one we want our audiences to leave singing! 

3. "Instead" -Emily co-wrote with Wayne Haun and Jeff Bumgardner. This is a song she brought to the table in the writing room and her co-writers really partnered to give it life.  It is our first single off the project and carries a powerful message of what we deserved, but what Jesus did for us INSTEAD. It really deepens your appreciation for God's grace and mercy!

Q: How do you wish this record would impact your listeners and their walk with Jesus? 

This world is truly not our home, we were indeed "Made For Another World." We want to encourage people to keep pressing on, keep moving forward and keep shining brightly as they travel toward Heaven and take some souls with them on the way.  We never want to forget what Jesus did for us to make Heaven possible. This world can be tough sometimes, people have heartaches and struggles, but we want our listeners to remember Heaven is waiting and as I was reminded of in a devotional-  the grandstands of Heaven are cheering us on as we strive toward the finish line.We hope this makes your journey a little sweeter and may God bless you on your way. 

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