NewSpring Church's Youth Ministry FUSE Talks About Spreading Truth Via Their Music


Following the success of NewSpring Worship's album Able in February, NewSpring Church has partnered with Dream Worship to release an EP by FUSE. The creative worship expression of NewSpring Church's current youth ministry, Fuse continues their impact on the next generation by providing a fresh sound filled with hope to awaken hearts to the light of Christ.  Their single, "Wildfire" is a beautiful rendition of that spark that exists in all of us. 

Fuse is the student ministry of NewSpring Church and is for 6th-12th grade students. Fuse exists to connect students to Jesus and each other. It's mission is to use music to expose the freedom and life that can be found in Jesus. 

Q: Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. Why do you call your ministry FUSE?  What's the significance behind the name?

Psalm 78:4 is a huge part of our heart at NewSpring Church and for Fuse. We want to be all about sharing the works of God with the next generation. As that torch gets passed from one generation to the next, we get the image of a flame making it's way down a fuse and ultimately making its way to the fulfillment of God's kingdom and purpose. We never want to take our responsibility to the next generation lightly.

Q: How is the worship team at FUSE and Newspring Worship related?  Are the two separate or do you share resources together?

Resources are completely shared. Much of the vision for what we want our students to experience comes from Fuse, but NewSpring Worship makes Fuse Worship happen. Our teams work in unity for Fuse, which is hopefully a great picture of how the church should operate.

Q: What typically happens on a night of worship at FUSE?

Typically we will start a service with worship, believing it can prepare hearts in the room for the message we are about to share. Worship also provides an opportunity for students and leaders in our ministry to connect with the Lord and have Him speak to them before anything else happens in the night. We will also typically worship in response to our message, knowing it is a very tangible way for many students to work out what they have just heard. 

Q: Now you have released a new EP "Wildfire."  How did the album come about?

We had several songs we were working on that have the sound and vibe we want for Fuse. Josh, who ran point on this project, had a vision for how we could shape these songs into an album, and he led a small team to make the album happen.

Q: Were all the songs written by the worship team?

All the songs were written by NewSpring Worship and Fuse team members.

Q: Out of all the worship albums out there, what makes this EP standout?

We believe that Wildfire is full of truths and sounds that are for our students. We hope many others are blessed, but in trying to create worship songs that engage all of our students at Fuse we had to try to tap into some new thoughts and sounds when it comes to what comes to mind when we think of worship. We really do believe that this album moves the idea of worship forward for us, and this is just the beginning of where Fuse Worship is going to go.

Q: What are your hopes for this record?  How do you wish these songs would impact God's kingdom?

The first hope is that this album would inspire and put truth into the hearts of the students at Fuse and our people at NewSpring Church. Hopefully, Wildfire spreads and is able to influence the big "C" Church in the way it sounds and the truth it proclaims. Music is one of the most powerful tools we have for putting truth into our hearts and connecting with Jesus, and that's what we hope this music does. 

In a bigger picture music landscape (secular and Christian), we hope that this album is able to move the idea forward of what worship music can sound like for Fuse, but also for the Church around the world. 

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