The Inspirations Bring "The One in the Water"

The Inspirations

The Inspirations, a hallmark name in Classic Gospel Quartet Music, bring The One in the Water.. If you were raised on the sounds of the Gospel Singing Jubilee. If traditional Quartet harmonies delivered with exuberance and heartfelt earnestness speak to your heart, then you are already a fan of this new release from one of the most important groups in the history of Southern Gospel Music. The album releases on July 14.

With The One in the Water, The Inspirations do not waver from the classic quartet style they have been carrying and made famous for the last 5 plus decades. This album marks the return of instantly recognizable vocalists Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz and Marlon Shubert. They join Matt Dibler and Roland Kesterson along with band members Luke Vaught and Casey Johnson to offer a selection of songs that represent the finest in traditional Christian music.

The lead-off title track sets the tone of the album with Archie on lead vocals. It's old-time Gospel  with piano and acoustic instrumentation and  passionate quartet vocals. Up-tempo songs of  praise and thankfulness for our blessings are found here too as in "When Jesus Turns My Prison into My Shouting Ground" sung by Roland Kesterson that celebrates God's promises amidst life's hardships. 

We also hear it in the Doo-Wop, bass lead vocals of "I Shall Not Be Moved" featuring Marlin Shubert.  Lovely ballads add so much to The Inspiration's sound. "Teaching Me to Fly" is one such ballad sung by Archie Watkins and it speaks through metaphor on how God wants to see us mature and grow  spiritually.  

The group is no stranger to patriotic songs and they've included a great one here. "We are Christians" is a proclamation of a Christian nation, not ashamed of voicing pride in those beliefs.

"Thank God for Preachers" is another standout song with both a sentimental and thankful message wrapped in perhaps the recordings most  catchy melody.

From 1964 to 2017 we see the legacy and musical importance of The Inspirations continue. It is a  contribution to Christian music that has remained mostly unchanged, certifying it as a truly classic sound. It is a sound that preserves both a traditional Gospel sound as well as traditional Christian  values. The Inspirations never lose sight of these very important things. It's all about the music and it's all about serving the Lord.


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