What Will Taylor Swift’s New Single from ‘Reputation’ Say about Her Past, Dreams, and Social Beliefs?

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Taylor Swift confirmed that her new album, titled Reputation, will be released on November 10, 2017. After seeing a couple suspenseful, slithering teases on her social media, Taylor Swift's fans can finally be relieved. The fans no longer have to wait-the first single from the new album is coming out today, August 24, 2017.

Taylor Swift updated her Facebook profile picture with the newest album cover art. The sixth album cover features Swift's portrait in black-and-white, newspaper print. The word "reputation," in medieval gothic font, draws audience's eyes, before directing them to Swift's chillingly elegant expression. What could this artistic choice mean to the American pop queen and to her fans?

Before this day, Swift has posted clips of what appears to be a slithering snake on her social media. Fans took these to be clues about her upcoming album. Of all organisms, why this particular animal to represent her message?

It has been nearly three years since Swift's 1989, which was awarded the Album of the Year Grammy, according to Billboard. Her blockbuster works--"Shake It Off," "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" (duet with Zayn) and "Blank Space"--secured her throne on the charts. Will this new single be her next No. 1?

Taylor Swift's public works have revealed her Christian background. She has also earned praises from Christian parents and Catholic officials around U.S. for being a musical role model who focuses on friendship and family values. What could Swift's new album, Reputation, say about her past, future dreams, and social beliefs? More importantly, what does she want to say to her loyal fans?



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