Paul Simon And Edie Brickell Donate $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief For Outlying Houston Area

Paul Simon
(Photo : Paul Simon Official Facebook)
Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
(Photo : Edie Brickell and New Bohemians Official Facebook)

It's going to take an awful lot for Houston and its' surrounding areas to clean up after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and thankfully, many celebs are stepping up to help. Sandra Bullock, Leo DiCaprio and Tyler Perry have all donated $1 million dollars out of pocket towards relief efforts. It was the latter that inspired Edie Brickell and Paul Simon to dig deep.

"I was really moved by that and inspired by it," Brickell said in a recent interview. "My mom and I, we like his movies a lot. That's the first one I heard about and it opened my heart more and I talked to Paul. I said 'I would really love to do that, too.' If we can offer that same inspiration to give, that would be great.

People who feel forgotten, you know, in small towns. Out in the country they lose everything and who's gonna help 'em? We're not giving to one big umbrella. We're giving a lot of little umbrellas all over. I'm sad when it happens anywhere. When it's your home state I feel a greater responsibility to come in and do what I can," Brickell said.

The Grammy Award winning couple, married since 1992, has decided to focus on the smaller areas that surround Houston. They also plan on joining Willie Nelson on stage for a benefit concert in Austin on Sept. 22. Details on that event will be forthcoming.

Natural disasters have been wrecking havoc on the United States in recent months and thankfully, the response from those in a position to help has been fantastic. Stars like Brickell, Simon and Nelson have already given back an awful lot in their decades-long careers. It's amazing to see that helping those in need and sharing some of what they have when called on, really has become a way of life. It's not to garner any extra attention for themselves, it's simply the thing to do, when you can.



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