Chris Cornell's Legacy Honored At LA Chefs For Human Rights Event

Chris Cornell
(Photo : Chris Cornell- Official Facebook)

The L.A. Chefs for Human Rights recently presented their Hero Award to the celebrated singer-songwriter Chris Cornell and the late singers wife, Vicky Cornell was on hand to accept it on his behalf. Cornell was honored at a fundraising event for Program for Torture Survivors (PTV) at the award-winning restaurant Cassia for his humanitarian efforts as well as his original song and music video "The Promise."

Cornell's widow was overcome with emotion as she spoke about her late husband's desire to help those in need. An emotional video presented after Vicky's acceptance of the Hero Award drew parallels between the Armenian genocide and the migrant crisis occurring in Syria and Africa. It displayed images of the destruction and desolation of the countries affected, while hundreds of refugees were shown fleeing by whatever means possible. Cornell's voice added another level of sadness to the already somber video. Chris wrote the song for the film The Promise, a historical drama about the Armenian genocide, and produced a music video with director Meiert Avis.

Aside from "The Promise" Avis also worked with Cornell on various Soundgarden and Audioslave projects, so he knew him well.

"He helped with children and young people who were homeless or abused, suffered from illness or struggled with addictions, were victims of war and strife. His heart was always so full of love compassion and hope. I hope it makes people feel connected to people coming from Africa and Syria and understand that they have mothers and fathers and daughters and brothers just the same as every other person," said Avis.

Check out the video for "The Promise" below.



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