CLYDE J Releases "What I Need" Single and Official Music Video

Clyde J

New and upcoming Neo-Soul Gospel artist Clyde J has an unquenchable passion for Christ and daily demonstrates a lifestyle of worship.  The Louisiana native with an apostolic upbringing has been immersed in music most of his life and is embarking on a Gospel music solo career that is fast tracking with the release of his new single "What I Need".

"What I Need" is an urban track with Clyde J's authentic neo-soulful appeal and life inspired lyrics.  "What I Need" available on all digital music outlets and has a companion music video.  The "What I Need"official music video is available on Youtube.   

The musical journey has not always been a smooth route for Clyde J.  His musical endeavors where interrupted at age 20 by the catastrophic devastation of hurricane Katrina in 2005.  The history making storm temporarily separated him from his music and mission.  After his family was displaced for two years, CLYDE J returned to Louisiana to play for his church and to write and produce music which further fueled his solo artistry and desire to minister music to the masses.  

CLYDE J released his debut album 50/50 in April of 2017 and with the release of "What I Need", he is now working to complete his forthcoming 2018 album BETTER, inspired by the passing of his mother and the birth of his daughter.  Through his life and music, CLYDE J believes that no matter the situation, when things come into the presence of God, He always makes things Better!  

Listen To "What I Need"Watch "What I Need" Official Music Video ↓


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