Movie Director Paco Arango Talks About How His New Movie "The Healer" Impacts Society

Paco Arango

The inspirational movie 'The Healer' will premiere in select theaters and it will be released across all VOD platforms today to coincide with Cancer Awareness Month.  It is the first movie ever to donate 100% of its net proceeds to charity.

"The Healer" is a feel-good movie about a man who doesn't know he has the power to heal, and it is suitable for families and people of all ages. Alec, the main character, gets a break to clear his debts in exchange for moving to rural Nova Scotia for a year. Once there, he discovers he can heal people, but struggles to accept this gift and the responsibilities that come with it. A teenager with cancer shows him the way. 

We are honored to be able to chat with the movie's director, writer and producer Paco Arango.  

Q:  What first attracted you to this script?

For me, the act of healing is a big gift. I wanted to tell the story of a man who is blessed with this great gift, but ultimately rejects it and comes across a terminally ill teenager who takes it upon herself to explain what really matters in life through her cheekiness, sense of humor and heart. Essentially it's the journey of this man who wakes up to the fact that life is a gift and we all have the responsibility of trying to make this world a better place.

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this film?

Since we are donating all of the proceeds from the film I looked at the biggest tax incentives in the world and found them to be in a Nova Scotia, Canada. One of the conditions was that I had to use as many people from Nova Scotia as possible. I spent an entire year looking for local, terrific actors and even changed part of the script to adapt it to the people we came across. We were lucky to have wonderful weather and the location couldn't have been more sensational.

Q:  What are some take-home lessons viewers can take home after watching this film?

This is a movie that will leave you with a smile on your face. The protagonist starts off as a very selfish man, but at the end we realize that he, like many of us, is damaged. I have worked with children with cancer for the past 18 years and I do believe that the terminally ill teenager in the film will steal your heart. These amazing kids are full of love and happiness.

Q:  100% of the net proceeds go to charity.  Which charity is it going to and why did you choose them?

The movie has been already released in 14 countries. Each country receives proceeds  through local foundations which I have chosen. In the US, all net proceeds from sales and viewings will benefit SeriousFun Children's Network (, a global network of 30 camps and programs, founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, which provides life-changing experiences to children living with serious illnesses and their families, totally free of charge.

Q:  Personally, you have been very involved in charity in the past.  Tell us some of your favorite charities and why you like them.

Most of the foundations I have picked all over the world help children with terminal illnesses like cancer. It's quite amazing to see the similarities in all of the charities despite their geographical location. In Mexico I chose a foundation that feeds poor children one meal a day from their first year of life until they turn 16. All of these charities deserve all the help we can give and work well beyond what they receive.

Q:  This is also not your first charity/spiritual film.  Tell us a little about why you want to make movies that help people spiritually and physically?

Entertaining films can be a long hypnotic session. You're in a dark room, watching a motionless screen that is telling you a story. I do believe we can touch people's hearts and make them aware of stuff that is very important. With the proceeds from my first feature film "Maktub" I was able to build one of the most sophisticated bone marrow transplant centers in Spain with over 216 bone marrow transplants to date. Now with "The Healer" having raised over $4.5 million globally for children we are thrilled to be doing more good. The film has been number one at the box office in more than 7 countries because people want to come together to help the greater good through a film. It's never been done before but it's working! Currently I have three more films in the pipeline with the same goal- to help the greater good and make the world a better place.

"The Healer' is available on all VOD platforms including AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish Network, Spectrum, Cox, Charter, Frontier, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Stream, Google TV, Playstation and Fandango Now.

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