BJ Pons Releases Video For “Hidden Secrets”

BJ Pons

BJ Pons, has announced the release of her latest video for the beautiful biographical song,"Hidden Secrets."  This single is from her stellar new project, Showcase Your Grace, that released in August 2018.  "Hidden Secrets" will also be the first single released to radio in January 2019.

A soulful balladeer, "Hidden Secrets" shares the poignant and transparent testimony of BJ's own lifelong abuse, with the goal of helping others understand there is healing available when you hand it over to Jesus.

Of the later consequences of suffering abuse as a child she says, "nobody had a clue, I had the best smile, I could put on the look, and people would think I was on cloud nine.  I thought I deserved abuse as an adult because of my early life. Then, in my desperation, I prayed 'God I can't take it anymore'. He showed me how to lay it at His feet, and put the pain behind me.  And that's the message of Hidden Secrets. There is hope and redemption.  I have a story to tell."

With statistics showing that one in three women today are the victims of abuse, Hidden Secrets is bound to become a healing hymn for many.  As the lyrics so eloquently state "hidden secrets, no one's strong enough to keep them. Only Jesus has the healing power to free us.... let's give to Jesus our hidden secrets."

Hidden Secrets was co-written by BJ Pons, Natalie Cromwell (Sunset Gallery, BMI), Nick Larson (Nick Larson Music, BMI), Dixie Phillips (Asheville Music Publishing) and Chris White Music (BMI).  It was produced by David M Pons.

It is available on YouTube at .

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