Gungor Says Their "Journey is Over" and Announces their Farewell Tour.


Gungor has recently announced that their "journey is over" and they will close off this season of their lives with a farewell tour.  Though Michael and Lisa Gungor started off in Christian music with songs such as "Beautiful Things" and "Dry Bones," they have recently announced that, for some time, Michael no longer believed in God.  And over the years, their music has decidedly moved away from "church" music.  Due to the confusion of their identity as a band, the evolution of their music, the duo has decided to end this phase of their life.

In a blog post, Michael Gungor writes: "We love where we've come from. We've loved the journey ... But strangely enough, we feel like that journey is over. Gungor feels to us like it's done what it needed to do. Said what it needed to say. And now it's time for something new."

Michael did admit that the frustrations of their fans as to what his beliefs are was one of the main reasons why Gungor is coming to an end:  "Gungor started as a "liturgical post-rock" musical collective. We sang songs to God about hope, faith, doubt, and love. We had some success. I lost my faith for a little while and wrote music about that. Then I began to see the unity of all things, and we began to write music about that. For the last 4 albums, we've sometimes left many of our fans confused or frustrated- "What are they singing about now?" "Do they even believe in Jesus anymore?"...etc "

However, this does not mean that the band will stop making music. "Music is a part of who we are, and, like I mentioned, we already have a bunch of stuff recorded that we are trying to figure out what to do with brand and marketing wise," he said. "But as for Gungor, we simply don't feel the need to keep trying to write new stories on the same old paper."

To finalize this stage in the band's life, they are planning a farewell tour: "So here's what this means: this upcoming "End of the World" is now also the Gungor farewell tour. We are going to sing a bunch of Gungor songs together (even some of the old ones). We'll laugh. We'll cry. We'll send this wonderful adventure that has been Gungor into the night as the end of an old world and the beginnings of a new one.  We hope you'll join us for one last time.  All of the love for all of you." 






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