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Madaline Garcia

Known for her unbelievably strong voice and kind, gentle spirit, Madaline Garcia, has an aggressive release schedule this year starting with her new single. "I Am Found" is available now for purchase and streaming across all DSPs via WieRok Entertainment.  

Madaline's most recent 2018 EP release, "Christmas With You" experienced major market rotational air play when the title track was picked up on some terrestrial Country and Christian radio stations through the 2018 Christmas season. The single "I Am Found" is part of a series of tracks that will conclude with a CD project in the fall with her label WieRok. Scheduled to release every few months, these are songs of hope and love that will reach believers and non-believers alike.  

When asked about what pushes her to create and sing incredible music, Madaline replied "I've witnessed how music can have an impact on people in various seasons of life. Recently a friend  was going through some pretty tough stuff, she came to me later in the day and told me that on her way to an appointment, she saw the music video of me singing a cover of Jenn Johnson's "You're Gonna Be Okay". She said she listened to the song over and over again leading up to the appointment and that my music got her through all of that.   I want my music to deliver that message of hope and of the love of Jesus." 

Singing is something that Madaline has always loved to do. Growing up in a Colorado Spring church, she was in the "Cherub Choir" at the young age of four and has been singing ever since! Due a severe visual impairment, it was difficult for her to read music, so she had to rely on her hearing and memory. Madaline attributes her lack of vision to her enhanced musical acuity. Her diverse musical style started in her teen years as she would perform traditional hymns in churches, jazz with combos and standards, and country and pop at festivals. In her college years, Madaline toured and performed across the globe with the Jazz Ensemble "One Voice". While touring in China, Madaline remembers, "I encountered LOTS of Christians! But they were very much on the down low and didn't speak openly about it. It was so cool to bear witness to their incredibly strong faith in a world where it is not accepted." Stream/Purchase "I Am Found ":

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When you hear the name Madaline Garcia, you don't necessarily thing sweet, quirky blonde girl next door (unless you know her). When you hear Madaline sing, you'll never forget her. When it comes to music, it's like turning the knob of perfection to ten. Every lyric is exact from memory. Every note is solid on key and rhythmically succinct and her performance in captivating. Madaline has lived most of her life with thick glasses and very poor vision. In 2017, she received what she prays was her last eye surgery, as she is corrected to near 20/20 vision. Through her struggles growing up, she knew what it was like to be singled out for being different. She's developed a tremendous compassion for special needs children & adults and has become a champion for special needs organizations. She's one of the favorite activity leaders for Gigi's Playhouse in Brentwood, TN. She loves to perform for and with participants at Wellspring Community in Castle Rock, CO a day program for special needs adults. Shortly after graduating from Mary Hardin Baylor with a degree in Vocal Performance, she moved to Nashville, TN. Now married with 2 girls, Madaline lives with her family in a Nashville suburb. 

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