Amy Grant's Daughter Who Inspired "Baby Baby" Gets Married

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Millie Chapman, daughter of Amy Grant and Gary Chapman, has married.  Millie, was also the inspiration Amy Grant's #1 pop and Christian hit "Baby Baby," married fiancé Ben Long on Saturday, April 27 in Nashville.

Chapman, 29, and Long, 30, met just over two years ago on a dating app while they were both living in New York.

"We were both looking for a special connection we didn't think we could find in a bar," Chapman tells PEOPLE. "Pretty early on in the relationship we each knew that we had found the person we wanted to be with."

"We didn't have a specific timeline, we just did what felt natural," she adds. "We also had a longer engagement, 16 months, which felt right for us." 

The ceremony was held at the Immanuel Baptist Church, while Amy and her husband, country superstar Vince Gill, hosted a reception at their house.

Amy also shared a picture on Instagram of herself with Millie in a precious moment before the walk down the aisle. In the caption, she wrote,  "When Millie's father, Gary Chapman, responded to the question 'Who presents this bride?' with the words 'We all do!' He captured the joy and healing of our big blended family. As Vince and I welcomed the crowd of family and friends to our backyard reception, Vince said, 'We didn't do things perfectly...or everything just right..but we're all here now to celebrate this beautiful couple.' It is hard to believe that same 6-week old girl who inspired the lyrics to "Baby Baby" is now a beautiful married woman. Her life has given us all a lot of reasons to dance and celebrate!"




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