The 10 Best Worship Songs of 2019 (So Far)

Elias Drummer

2019 has been a great year (so far) as far as worship music is concerned.  Some of the genre's biggest names such as Hillsong UNITED, Darlene Zschech, and Mack Brock have all graced us with new songs.  But this year we have also seen some stellar new artists raising the bar with great tunes for the church to sing.  Hopefully this list will help resource worship leaders as they think of including new songs in their worship song sets as well as equip all of us with more worship resources in our daily worship and our own spiritual warfare.

10.  Mack Brock "Still in Control"

Former worship leader of Elevation Worship, Mack Brock has given us a newly penned hymn-like "Still in Control." This song could easily be placed on the same pedestal as Hillsong's "Cornerstone" or Bethel Music "You Make me Brave." "Still in Control" is a crescendo-building ballad that speaks of how our souls can be at rest because no event escapes the sovereignty of our God.  The pounding of the drums, the escalating tenor of Brock's vocals, and the progressive outburst of passion, make this a faith-building soundtrack for all of God's children.

9. Thrive Worship "Praise The Name (Ancient Doors)"

Thrive Worship's new Integrity Music's album recently made history when it debuted at #1 barring Lauren Daigle from the pole position. One of the highlights from the record is "Praise The Name (Ancient Doors)." This power ballad combines both the awe of God and the intimacy of drawing close to Jesus together effortlessly on a solidly structured melody. 

8. Michael W. Smith Featuring Cece Winans "King of Glory"

In an unexpected move, Smith has chosen to cover Todd Dulney's "King of Glory."  Here Smith takes the back seat behind the keyboard, while CeCe Winans takes on the microphone.  Winans completely inhabits every note of this worship ballad nuancing each syllable with passion as she sings about her love to dwell in Christ's presence. 

7. Lindy & the Circuit Riders "Driven by Love"

Lindy & the Circuit Riders'  "Driven by Love" is a career defining song.  Titanic in the song's execution enhanced by Conant's larger-than-life powerhouse vocals, "Driven by Love" is a 100,000 volt turbo-charged push for us to get out of our seats and carry out the Lord's Great Commission.

6. LIFE Worship "Light Up"

Current single "Light Up is a gem.  With a hook so prominent that you can't help but sing along, "Light Up" is superb Spirit-infused song about how the name of Jesus destroys the power of darkness.  When the team sings:  So let the darkness light up in Jesus' name/Let it all be still when You speak/Come with power, freedom, and tear down these walls, you can feel the debris of doubt and sin crumble all around.  Yes, it's  that powerful!

5. Mozaiek Worship "Jesus Victorious"

We can never run out of robust anthems that squarely and gloriously proclaim the victory of Jesus.  "Jesus Victorious,"  from Netherlands' Mozaiek Worship, is one of those indispensable faith-building songs.  Every church needs those powerful shout-outs songs to Jesus and this one is just so good.

4. Hillsong UNITED "Clean"

Yes, it's the shortest song on UNITED's new album "People."  But what the song lacks in terms of duration is made up by the song's rich theological depths that give exposition to Christ's work on the Cross.  Packed with theologically rich lines right through, this song could work during Easter, Communion services and any time you want to sing about the cross (which is every worship service!).

3.  Bethel Music's "Goodness of God"

Many songs speak about God's goodness.  But this Jenn Johnson-led and co-written ballad wants us to live in God's goodness.  This is what makes this song a must-sing.  We shouldn't just be spectators of God's goodness. Rather, we need to step into it, live it and soak up the joy of living in His goodness. 

2.  Darlene Zschech "Forever My King"

Darlene Zschech surprises fans by dropping a stand alone single "Forever My King."  Though the lyrics don't canvas new ground but the way this former Hillsong matriarch sings can bring you right to the feet of Jesus.  And the bridge of the song: Holy, holy, holy are You, God/Holy, holy, holy are You, God/The whole earth is filled with Your glory, Jesus/The whole earth is filled with Your glory, Jesus" is simply worship at its best.

1. Elias Dummer "The Simple Truth"

Confronting the world that has lost its belief in objectivity, "The Simple Truth," which speaks of the truth of Jesus' love, is so reassuring.  The song is simple, honest, and so heartfelt.  




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