Pastor Bruce Farr & The Overcoming Church Generations of Praise Choir Release New EP

 Pastor Bruce Farr & The Overcoming Church Generations of Praise Choir

Many great cities across the nation have become known for birthing extraordinary artists or cultivating a specific sound.  Indianapolis, Indiana is one of those cities whose artists have launched locally and impacted nationally.  Indianapolis has provided a backdrop for great Gospel artists like Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise, Rodnie Bryant, Demetrius West and Jesus Promoters, Judah Band and The Williams Singers.  The same holds true for dynamic churches and music ministries.  Overcoming Church under the pastoral leadership of Bruce Farr is one of those ministries who are taking their music from regional to global.

Overcoming Church recorded and released their debut Gospel EP in 2019.  Pastor Bruce Farr presented his Overcoming Church Generations of Praise Choir to a national audience with their MAKING ROOM FOR US live EP.  The project allows listeners to experience the vibrant and unrestricted Praise and Worship that occurs each week at Overcoming Church.

"Our album is a compilation that will have a little bit of everything for everyone," says Pastor Farr.  "An album was never in our wildest dreams. Often times songs are birthed during our morning worship services.  This is an opportunity to share with the world what takes place in those moments each week at Overcoming Church."

MAKING ROOM FOR US is a 5-song EP recorded live and produced by Terrance Dennie for TJ Starr Productions.  The title track and first single gave the ministry a dynamic entry into Gospel music and at Gospel radio.  The Overcoming Church Generations of Praise Choir are introducing another uplifting single "You Are".  

"You Are", along with the EP, is independently released by Ascension Production Company and is available on all digital music outlets.  "You Are" is also impacting Gospel radio stations across the country now.

Pastor Bruce Farr established Overcoming Church in 1992. Under his visionary leadership, Overcoming Church has grown it's innovative music ministry and launched several outreach ministries that touch the community at large.  He believes that in order for the church to be on the "cutting-edge", it must stay relevant, receptive and ready for the ever-changing move of God.  His wife, Loretta Farr, serves alongside him as Executive Pastor. 

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