Hillsong Church's Carl Lentz Has Recovered After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

carl lentz

Hillsong Church NYC pastor Carl Lentz claims that he has been healed after he was tested positive for the novel coronavirus last month. 

On Tuesday, Lentz posted an update about his health on Instagram. "I tested positive, now negative. I am very very grateful for that.. but the impact of this virus is real and the more of us that play our part, the quicker we can get to the other side of this."

Nevertheless, Lentz hopes that everyone will still practise social distancing and mask-wearing is essential. "Social distancing is inconvenient but if it helps even a single person its worth it. The exact effectiveness of masks is debatable for some but in the chance that the wisdom that they help prevails, we should all be all in."

Hillsong Church will continue to reach out to the community by donating masks to those in need.  "We have decided to donate all surgical masks to our first responders and those in desperate need but its easy to find a scarf or bandana and put them to good use right now (thank you @jerrylorenzo the legend!)..we have as a family done our best to lead by example, stay at home and for those asking: its perfectly ok to get some fresh air without a mask, when your at safe distance from other people. You can even take your mask off, throw a football with your son on the drive back from supporting people on the front lines of this fight and the sky will not fall. I promise.

I'm excited for the day we get a cure and some of our beloved freedom back. But until then? Lets do what we can do. In NEW YORK CITY alone, at least 5,489 people have lost their lives to this virus. To those that have lost loved ones, here and everywhere..we grieve with you and we pray this brighter day that IS on the horizon comes quickly. You are not alone in this.. "



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