Wande, the First Lady of Reach Records, Shares the Heart Behind "Exit"


Dubbed as a top six Christian hip hop rapper to know in 2019 by USA Today and the only female recognized in the category-Reach Records recording artist, Wande has had an explosive year! With her unique flow, infectious personality and strong work ethic; The Nigerian born and Texas raised lyricist wowed the team at Reach to become the first woman signed to the roster this past spring. 

Wande, born Yewande Isola, is a budding Hip Hop artist dynamic performer, Austin, TX native that is here to inspire. Using her infectious rap skills and personality, she accomplished an impressive 11-song release cycle in 2018 that featured a mix of features and original songs, earning her a Freshman nod for 2018, and launching her rap career. The momentum culminated in her being offered a recording contract offer from Reach Records where she worked as an A&R administrator and would become the first woman artist in the label's 16 year legacy.

Today she drops her debut EP Exit for Reach Records.  We are honored to be able to catch up with Wande for this exclusive interview. 

Q:  Wande, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Tell us a little about yourself: where you are from?  Did you come from a family who are musical too? 

I was born in Nigeria and I grew up in Austin, Texas. I've experienced a mixture of cultures that I've loved because it makes me a unique person. I am actually the only person in my family with a music career so it's been interesting.

Q:  How did you feel God's call to be in the music ministry?

Upon discovering I could rap, I initially used it to spread the gospel during lunch in high school because I noticed it got students' attention. After seeing the response I learned how to record and I felt God was telling me to take this seriously and keep going.

Q:  How then did you get to work with the folks at Lecrae's Reach Records?

I initially was an Intern at Reach Records while still pursuing my rap career outside of work. They then hired me on staff the following year and offered me a contract after 5 months.

Q:  How does it feel to be the first female emcee signed to Reach Records?

It's definitely a blessing and feels great to have fulfilled something I felt God was calling me to do. 

Q:  You have a new single out.  Tell us why are you excited about your new song "Happy."

I am excited about "Happy" because it shows how in life your circumstances may not always be perfect, but if you find your joy in the Lord you can't be shaken. I want to encourage listeners to put their trust in God and not the things He gives us.

Q:  Why did you call your new album "Exit"?

I called the album Exit because God showed me that many things in life are temporary. We will exit earth one day to be with God in heaven. And in order to move onto the next phase of what God is calling you to do in life, you have to exit this current season.  The album slogan is every exit is an entrance. Meaning that this is not the end it's just a path to a new beginning.

Q:  In terms of songwriters and producers, who have you worked with on this new album?

I had some features from artists like Evan and Eris, WHATUPRG, and nobigdyl. On the production side, I worked with producers such as Taylor Hill, Ace Harris, and Carvello.

Q:  In this time of anxiety and fear with the coronavirus, what words of hope and faith do you have for our readers?

I want to encourage readers to put their trust in the Lord because He never changes even in the midst of uncertainty.  

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