Jonny & Cheryl Shepherd Release New EP "One Name"

Jonny & Cheryl Shepherd

Jonny & Cheryl Shepherd, husband and wife worship leaders, have released their new EP 'One Name'. Although Jonny & Cheryl have both released worship projects before, under their own names, 'One Name' is the first joint project from them.

The couple are independent artists that are passionate about writing new worship music for the Church. Their desire is to resource a worshipping Church with Jesus centred songs that are lyrically fresh in each season and genuinely contribute to the burgeoning worship music community in the UK and further afield.

'You Reign' was the first single released from this EP and carries a prophetic proclamation of God's sovereignty over all situations, including 'over presidents, kings and queens, nations and economies, rich and poor and all disease' - words that seem very timely in our current world situation. The EP title 'One Name' is taken from the final track 'There's Only One Name' which sings on the theme of Jesus taking the highest place in our lives, for which no other name is worthy.

Jonny & Cheryl hope that 'One Name' finds a place in serving the worshipping Church far and wide.

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