Christine Dente to Release Novel "The Woman in the Willow" Sept 1

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CCM artist Christine Dente will be releasing a novel on September 1st. The Woman in the Willow is a powerful tale of hope and redemption. In the novel Dente delivers a moving story about a woman struggling to forget her traumatic past by hiding away in her backyard haven. The Woman in the Willow offers an exquisite invitation to engage in life's flowering and flow despite the heart's instinct to tighten and close.

Here's the synopsis of the novel: 

Catherine Hathaway has no intention of letting another child into her life.

Retired schoolteacher Miss Hathaway longs to be left alone inside her beautiful backyard garden. Just because the new family next door includes a precocious but lonely five-year-old named Tazzy, doesn't mean the seventy-year-old womanmust open her haven or her heart to the neglected girl. Catherine is having enough trouble, losing her balance and her vision, without the disruptions of the unsettling memories that the child provokes.

Catherine's eight-foot fence keeps her precious dog Percy safe in the yard, but can't keep Tazzy out. The spirited child finds a way through the unlocked gate, drawn by sweet Percy and the enchantments of the backyard garden. When she appears with suspicious red marks on her arm and other signs of abuse, Catherine spies on the family, convinced that the single mother is abusive like her own mother was.

The mysterious willow tree hovers throughout Catherine's story. A refuge from her past, it is now the crown jewel of her garden. Waving from the creek's edge behind Catherine's home, the enchanting tree has a life and story of its own.

Memories of the sister she lost and the mother who left her sweep Catherine toward her destiny with the willow, the river, and the child she must find to save her life.

Can this disenchanted old woman rise from the flood of grief and loss? Will she find the spirit of God moving among the ferns and birds of her haven? What part will the willow play in transforming Catherine from the woman she is into the one she wants to become? Journey with Catherine in her search for growth and flowering in old age. 

Though the book releases on September 1st but if you pre-order it, you will get the audiobook for FREE a week early!

About Christine Dente:

Known as the singer/songwriter for recording artist Out of the Grey, she has also written a workbook/ handbook entitled, "The Singer and The Songwriter: An Idea Book for Songwriters Who Like to Sing and Singers Who Like to Write Songs."

Christine loves the creative process and its ability to reach beneath layers of the mind to find the heart. With her fiction, she looks for the stories woven into the world's fabric like the hidden root systems connecting the trees and all living things.

Christine grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and received her BFA at Berklee College of Music in Boston where she met her husband, Scott. After graduation and marriage in 1987, they loaded up the truck and moved to Tennessee. Nashville, that is, where they raised three children and recorded lots of music.

In her own words: "A friend once reminded me that we write our own medicine. As a writer, I am able to work through my issues using the remedies of words and music. Fiction and prose can soothe my soul, working into the deeper layers of me. Many readers find that the words of my medicine and the meditations of my heart inspire and encourage them on their own journeys." 

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