Worship Leader Mariette Davina Shares How Her Mother's Coma Inspired Her New Song "My Rescuer"

Mariette Davina

Worship leader, singer and songwriter Mariette Davina has recently released her new single "My Rescuer" taken from her 2nd album Volume 2. The song  was written in just 20 minutes after her mum came out of the coma.

The lyrics are the words of someone who has come to the end of what they know to do in a situation and their sleepless nights come up fruitless with no answers. In these moments we release the pressure to solve things ourselves and allow God to come to the rescue. This is real when she talks about being "tired of pretending that I'm okay" and the tenderness of God saving the tears that are shed in the situation because He cares so deeply for us.

Davina began her musical career at the age of fourteen at the Pro Arte School for the Arts in Pretoria, South Africa, where she was the first student to be allowed to take singing as her first instrument subject at this prestigious Arts school. She obtained her Music Degree specialising in Performance Opera at the University of South Africa and was awarded two bursaries to do her Honours Degree in Music at the University of Pretoria. Davina continued to compose music and landed a Recording Contract with Gallo Records Africa (Warner Music).

She has since moved back to the UK to pursue her music in Europe, where she spent 3 years in Bible school and learned to lead worship. She makes guest appearances around the country with an emphasis on spontaneous, prophetic, soaking worship. 

Q: Mariette, thanks for doing this interview with us. You spend your childhood in South Africa, why were you and your family in South Africa?

My mum is South African and a few years after I was born in the United Kingdom, it became necessary for her to return to her homeland with her family. This resulted in me growing up and getting my education in beautiful South Africa instead. 

Q: I believe you are now back in the UK, tell us about your ministry now?

I am a classically trained singer, but God called me to leave that world to sing for him and specialise on the gift of prophetic worship. My ministry revolves very much around spontaneous songs and live soaking music.  Everything is very much centred around the Holy Spirit. He is like the heavenly conductor leading my sets. One of the scriptures that I base my ministry on is:    Ephesians 5:19 ' filled with the spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.'

Q: You have described your music as prophetic, what do you mean by that?

Traditional worship music is where we sing pre-written songs corporately together to worship, glorify and minister to our Heavenly Father. It's an upwards motion from us to our King. Prophetic worship is the other way around. It is where God fills the mouth of the prophetic singer with fresh spontaneous, prophetic songs from the throne room, in order to minister deeply to the people listening. It's a heavenly download from our King to His people. It's a period of time for the congregation to listen and receive the words and songs God is singing over us. If we reverence these words from the throne room, there is extreme power is these moments, that can set people free. 

Q: How did you start recording and releasing your own music?

I have an honours degree in performance opera so having to write music because of the requirements for my classical degree, wasn't really anything new to me. My life then took me along the road of getting signed to a record label and being asked to write my own music. It all kind of snowballed from there and I continued to do so.

Q: You have recently released your new single "My Rescuer."  What's the story behind this song?

In November last year I found my Mum collapsed on the floor and she had lost all consciousness. I called the paramedics and they arrived just in time before she stopped breathing, and they managed to intubate her.

My Mum slipped into a coma with no signs of life and a machine breathing for her. I had people praying for her and God gave me a verse to cling to, Psalm 118:17 "She will and not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord." 3 weeks later after 9 days in a coma, and recovery time my mum was discharged from the hospital. It was without a doubt the darkest period of my life, but after I came through it I sat at the piano and wrote 'My Rescuer' in 20 mins. The words and song literally just poured out of me. God had rescued both my mum and I from a terrible situation, and I believe He will do the same for anyone that believes Him too x

Q:  Tell us more about your new album, do you write your own music? Does songwriting come easy for you?

My new album is simply entitled Volume 2 and there is of course a Volume 1 :-) I wrote all of my own music. One of the gifts of being a prophetic singer is that songwriting comes incredibly easily to me. It's just a case of okay I need to write 4 more songs to finish the album, so I'll probably put aside 20 mins to an hour each day to write a new one, and then they'll be done in 4 days.

I recognise that the incredibly quick ability to do this is a gift God has given me. I can't do it in my own  strength, it's only by his grace.

Q: If you have to pick two songs off your new record to introduce to new listeners, which would they be? And why are they important to you?

Gosh that's an incredibly difficult question, because this is an album where there are no 'filler songs' so to speak. I think I would pick the 2 songs that I'm going to film the next 2 music videos to. The first one 'Time to Dream' is about picking up those dreams and desires God put into your heart long ago, and running with them again. It's never too late or impossible to achieve them, no matter how many mistakes you've made along the way.

The second is 'Heaven on Earth' - it's very representative of the soaking music I do live. It's about the call to give your heart to the King and to expect to live like Heaven on earth. I wrote it based on Psalm 126, it was like a dream things were so wonderful. God wants to bless us so abundantly in every area of our life now on earth. We don't have to wait until we get to Heaven to experience it. He wants to give his Children everything now. He is a loving Father. 

Q: You have dedicated your life to worshipping God. How has the worship of God changed your life?

It's made me very single minded. My focus is completely on Him, and on His Word and His way of doing things. He has my heart. All that matters is being in His will, and making sure I fulfill the destiny he has pre-written for me, and impacting the people I'm supposed to impact on Earth. With that mindset, you end up on a journey with your Creator, where you live in the supernatural and in the miraculous. You are no longer constrained or effected by whatever negativity is going on around you in the world. My song 'Heaven on Earth' comes to mind again.


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