New Episodes of "Master Minds" Featuring Brooke Burns as Host Will Air Dec 7

Brooke Burns

Game Show Network has announced that new episodes of "Master Minds", featuring "Jeopardy" champion and G.O.A.T. Ken Jennings, will start airing on December 7. "Master Minds" host, Emmy-nominee Brooke Burns, says the new shows will continue to showcase faith-based content.

"I love it when the Bible questions come up," Burns said. "I feel like I get a little edge there. My dad was an elder in our church and we did the Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night Bible study gamut."

On "Master Minds," three contestants square off against three trivia Master Minds in multiple rounds of intense trivia competition. The lowest scoring player on each side is eliminated until the top competitor and top Master Mind are left standing and must face off, head-to-head, in the Ultimate Trivia Challenge. If the contestant can get more questions correct than the Master Mind, they will win $10,000 and come back to challenge the Masters again. If they win three games in a row, they join the ranks of the Master Minds and will appear in future episodes. 

Burns says the pandemic halted the show's production for a while, and the time with her family was well spent. She says the age differences in her daughters (aged 19, 18, and 3) makes for a lively household.

"I cannot believe I got to be a mama again after 17 years!" says Burns. "Children are such a blessing, and I am so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to do it again. I'd like to think I'm much wiser, and it's definitely been a more peaceful journey the second time around. I think my age, life experience, and having done it before makes for a completely new experience. However, the deep love is exactly the same. Wanting to learn from and teach them is such an amazing ride."

Christians make up a large portion of the Game Show Network audience, and Burns says her faith remains a huge part of her life, both on and off camera.

"I honestly don't know how people thrive in marriage or parenting without faith," says Burns. "They can both be tricky at times, and I love how the Bible teaches you to meditate on the good, strive to do what is right and create character, and at the same time teaches unconditional agape love. At the end of 'Master Minds,' I sign off by touching my head, my mouth, and my heart. What I'm saying is, 'Think good thoughts, speak kind words, and have a strong heart.' To me, this is the recipe for a healthy marriage, a happy family, and when I've accomplished this, I sleep very peacefully at night."

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