The Fosters Debuts New EP "Oh, How I Love Him!" This Friday

The Fosters

The Fosters are releasing their debut EP this Friday. Entitled Oh, How I Love Him!, the EP contains 5 newly recorded songs. The Fosters lay down smooth vocals alongside a top-shelf band of Nashville veterans.

"We have been singing these songs for 15 years now, since we were first married," Andrew says, "and they never get old. These songs come from various sources and they are not widely known but they continue to bless people everywhere we go. We are just thrilled to share these songs with a wider audience because we believe they deserve to be heard."

Written by people of very different backgrounds in the 1920s, 50s, 80s, and 90s, these songs represent a testimony of the power of relationship with God - a relationship that transcends age, ethnicity, and musical genres. The Fosters bring the songs to life for another generation and infuse them with the conviction of abiding faith in the Word of God.


1. I Know What Prayer Can Do

2. The Beauty of His Name

3. He'll Find a Way

4. You Must be Born Again

5. Down from His Glory

As church planters and gospel singers, The Fosters are on a mission to write, discover, and re-discover gospel music that is timeless ans scriptural, both in lyric and melody. Their desire is to make music that glorifies God, edifies the church, and draws hungry souls closer.

Andrew and Devi Foster have been surrounded by gospel music all their lives. As children they learned to sing and make melody to the Lord. As teenagers they developed an ear for harmony and enjoyed singing with choirs and small groups. Now they raise their family in an environment of music and ministry in their adopted hometown of Albuquerque, NM.

As a married team The Fosters have developed a duet sound that defies typical classifications. Traditional, contemporary, and southern gospel sounds combine with songs new and old to express scriptural truths with beautiful harmony and musicianship.  

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