Jaime Jamgochian Opens Up About Overcoming Lyme Disease & How Suffering Inspires Her New Album

Jaime Jamgochian

Returning to the spotlight with her first full-length album in nearly a decade, acclaimed singer/songwriter and worship leader Jaime Jamgochian has released her new album All Things. A thematic touchstone of the long-awaited collection, debut single "Beautiful Story" celebrates the healing Jamgochian received following a debilitating battle with Lyme disease.

With eight original selections-seven of which were co-penned by Jamgochian-along with an acoustic worship medley and an acoustic hymn medley closing the project, All Things was produced by Big Daddy Weave's Jeremy Redmon, We The Kingdom's Andrew Berthgold, Antonio Porcheddu, Brenton Miles, Hawk Nelson's Micah Kuiper, Tommy Iceland and Austin Cannon. The 10-track album also showcases songwriting contributions from some of the top writers in Christian music, including Mia Fieldes, Michael Farren, Citizen Way's Ben Calhoun, and Benji Cowart, among others. 

Boston native Jaime Jamgochian has been a beloved voice in Christian music for more than 15 years, her songs pointing listeners towards their value and purpose in Christ. Among the first artists signed to Centricity Records, Jamgochian released three acclaimed recordings with the label. Her 2006 single, "Hear My Worship," spent 12 weeks at #1 at Christian radio, and she was named Billboard's top Inspirational artist of 2008. Jamgochian also spent several years on staff at Nashville's The Belonging Co, and was part of the pioneering team that launched the church in 2014. 

Q: Jaime, thanks for doing this interview with us.  How does it feel to release your new album, your first in nearly a decade?

It feels so good, yet it's also vulnerable and scary. It was a long time coming, but the road to this place was filled with so much. To be here now is exciting, especially knowing that God is never finished with us. We have to keep moving forward. I hope and pray these new songs will reach so many people.

Q: I believe you have been suffering from Lyme disease. What's Lyme disease? How are you doing now?

I did suffer from Lyme disease but have OVERCOME it! It is a terrible disease caused by a tick bite and it can become chronic if not caught right away. Lyme disease invades different parts of your body and can cause debilitating pain and be difficult to treat.

It hit me neurologically and it took a while to find the right doctors and treatment to help me overcome it. I am so thankful that after the worst year of my life I was able to receive treatment at The New York Center of Innovative Medicine and I am now on the other side of it.

Q: How did you cope in your time of suffering?

I don't think I coped very well in the beginning, but then I realized that Jesus was entrusting me with a holy and hard season. We get to know Him a lot more in the valley seasons than when we're just sailing through life with everything going well and every prayer being answered. It's when we find ourselves having to cling to Him for every breath to get us through another day that we realize the true beauty of what Jesus did on the cross for us. Our temporary suffering here on earth will not even compare the glory that will one day be revealed. Things that really helped me during my struggle were watching a sunset, taking a walk, being in nature, listening to worship music and dreaming into my future, even though I could not see a way out. Don't ever stop dreaming.

Q: When and why did you decide to make your new record "All Things"?

When I was sick, I remember dealing with some lies I had allowed myself to believe-that my music career was over...I was too old... One day I felt the Spirit of God asking me why I stopped recording albums. I knew He was going to work all this for my good and I sensed Him saying, "You are not finished yet with music."

Romans 8:28 means so much to me, so when the album was made, we titled it All Things based on that scripture and what God had done in my life.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this album?

I got to work with some incredible songwriters and producers. One of the biggest highlights is that Danny Gokey was gracious enough to sing on "Just The Way You Are." It is a gorgeous duet and having his voice on it adds so much.

Another highlight was just being in the studio again- a place I love. I wanted the last two tracks on the album to sound like they would if you saw me playing live. I typically just travel with an acoustic guitar player and percussionist, and I play the keys. I wanted to record two acoustic medleys, one an old hymn medley and the other all older worship songs. I arranged them both and then we got into the studio and kept it as real and organic as possible.

Q: Why did you decide to a medley of hymns and also a medley of older worship songs?

I did not grow up knowing the hymns, and as I have learned some of them, I realized how much I LOVE the lyrics. They are so rich in theology and just beautiful. I also really miss some of the older worship songs that I learned when I first became a believer, so I thought it would be great to record those two medleys for people that enjoy the classic songs as well.

Q: How can your new songs help your listeners who may also be suffering?

I hope they bring people some peace and encouragement on their journey. I think knowing that they are listening to someone who could barely function less than two years ago might give them some hope that if God did it for me, He can and will do it for them too.

I hope the lyrics bring hope and the worship draws people's hearts closer to God. I am not sure where I would be today without the presence of God, so I pray others will feel more of His love and presence as they listen.


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