Worship Music Veteran Paul Wilbur Shares About His involvement with Celebration Worship & Their New Album

Paul Wilbur

Celebration Worship is comprised of Dove Award-winning artists and worship team members from Jacksonville, FL-based Celebration Church, a multi-campus and global "house comprised of many rooms" reaching tens-of-thousands of people around the world. The team released its ninth album, Lineage, Oct. 16 from AWKNG Records, which is being distributed for the first time from Venture3Media (V3M) and is now available on all digital and streaming outlets globally.

Known for songs like "Victory," "Let Your Spirit Fall," "Thy Faithfulness," "My Soul Will Sing" and "You Amaze Us," Celebration Worship's Lineage features eight new songs, all written and recorded by Celebration Worship. Team members include Dove Award-winning songwriter Matt Adcox and multi-million-selling, preeminent messianic worship recording artist, Paul Wilbur. Also featured on the recording are Celebration Worship's Lindsey BrennerMarie HodgesRyan HodgesLina BosqueEdwin Garcia and Kierre Lindsay

We are honored to catch up with worship music veteran Paul Wilbur for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Tell us about Celebration Church.

A: We are a large, independent, multi-racial, charismatic, evangelical church with multiple campuses across Jacksonville, central and south Florida, and several nations around the globe. We are Jesus centric, family oriented, with a strong Kingdom emphasis rooted in the faith of the apostles and prophets.

Q: As a church you believe in the celebration of the Jewish roots of our faith. Why do we need to celebrate events such as the Passover, aren't they of the old covenant?

A: We see the entire Bible as one linear story of the people of God, and His never ending saga of patience and sacrifice in order to get His whole family back to His table. We see the "Jewish feasts" as they are often called, to be divine appointments that heaven has ordained for us to gather and hear from the Lord, as they were originally intended. The Hebrew word for 'feasts' is 'appointed times', and they have certainly shown themselves to be much more than that to our life as a worshiping church!

Q: You have a new album "Lineage" out now. How was this record birthed?

A: It has been more than four years since the last Celebration Church worship project was released. This new project entitled 'Lineage' is the product of several years of listening and hearing heaven, and then writing and producing what we have seen and heard. With this new release we have a new passion and focus for our worship and praise that expresses the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Q: Why did you entitle the record "Lineage"?

A: Lineage speaks of a unique family history, and for us, this record says it very well.

Q: Talk about your involvement in this record.

A: My family (PW speaking here) and I have made Celebration Church our home for nearly ten years. We have had the privilege of being involved in the worship at Celebration for many years now as we have led a once-a-month Friday night Shabbat service, and occasionally participated in weekly worship services. I have also been involved in some of the song writing sessions, and the one I co-wrote with Ryan and Marie is the last cut on the album. I am excited about the future and the possibilities of much more to come!

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

A: This record was made with the same people who wrote, played and performed these songs at church. It is authentic and passionate worship that really connects with worshipers.

Q: How do you think the current pandemic has affected worship and worship music?

A: The current 'pause' in gathering for corporate worship has had a surprisingly positive effect in worship writing and production. With worship taking on a more personal and intimate focus, folks have spent more time in His presence and come out with some beautiful expressions of what they are seeing and hearing. We will be releasing new material for praise and worship every month as a direct result of this pandemic!

Q: How will your new music help some of our readers who are burdened by what's happening right now?

A: Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of the Lord. I like to say that faith also comes from singing, and singing the word of God. These new songs are full of faith building verses that will certainly encourage and build up the hope and faith in those who take up the songs and sing them into their hearts and minds!

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