Gospel Duo Lionel & Leslie Release "Grateful"' EP

LIonel & Leslie

The dynamic and award-winning duo Lionel & Leslie have been ministering in song together for more than two decades. Since their 2011 full CD release of 'He Will Make A Way', the duet extraordinaire been busy completing and promoting, their new EP release, 'GRATEFUL' featuring the recent single, 'Praise Him', which is currently charting on BDS Gospel Chart.

In these times of uncertainly, there is one thing that is certain, God's people are hurting! In a time when the world is facing COVID-19 challenges, Racial Injustice, economy has left many without jobs, loosing homes, breaking up families, turning to drugs and taking desperate measures to survive, we need to seek the Lord. This is not the time to be overcome with grief and depression. This is not the time to fall into the enemy's hands. This is not the time to slop Praising God! This is the time when we should be on our knees and seeking His face.

Millions of people worldwide today find themselves in a situation they never thought they would he in. The affected are of all races, cultures and ages.

The hurting are those who thought they had it all and those who already had very little. Turn your eyes to the heaven's from whence your help comes. Even if you feel like you have already hit rock bottom, you are still able to look to the sky and know that God is still in control.

Listen to "Praise Him" here.

Lionel and Leslie's media credits are quite outstanding. Their accomplishments have been featured nationally on Black Entertainment Television (BET) and The Word Network. Other noteworthy accomplishments have been acknowledged on the "front page" of The Washington Post. Lionel and Leslie have received recognition by the Faith Awards, the National Gospel Awards, and The Stellar Awards. 

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