Virtuoso Guitarist Caspar McCloud Releases New Album "Black Swan"

Caspar McCloud

The inspiration and unique sounds of virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter Caspar McCloud are complemented by violinist/vocalist Renae Truex, on the new album Black Swan, with Carlos Merced on drums/vocalist and Donovan S.L. on keyboards/vocalist.

"The LP has a strong start with the catchy yet prophetic warning of the title song, Black Swan". "A Night in the Holy Land is also an ultra-dramatic stunner". The entire album is a masterpiece. Produced by the legendary Glenn Taylor.

Caspar McCloud is a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, an acclaimed portrait artist, as well as an equestrian, ordained minister, and bestselling author of several books. Caspar had the honour, privilege, and distinction of being the only Christian act on the bill with numerous legendary artists at what was the 50-anniversary celebration of Woodstock renamed the We Festival in 2019, and relocated to North Carolina. Kenn Moutenot of the We Festival 2019 added, "Great performance Caspar. You are the only artist to perform twice. Thoughts & prayers."

Listen to "Black Swan" (Live) HERE.

Juma Sultan, who played in Jimi Hendrix's band at Woodstock in 1969, played with Caspar and his band Sunday morning at this historic event. Pastor Caspar shared a message of Christ's mercy, grace, and love with everyone there. Caspar and his band have been sought after since for other events and live streams.

A modern-day Renaissance man, Caspar McCloud has wowed fans and fellow guitarists with his lightning-fast technique, his use of effects, a la his friend and mentor Phil Keaggy, as well as his gentle, serene, Celtic classical acoustic playing. Caspar has also toured as a member of Tommy James and the Shondells. Tommy enjoys letting his secular audience know one of his musicians is a pastor. Caspar is quoted as saying, "Do you want me to keep preaching to the choir each week or help get some people saved?"

Renae' Truex is from the mountains of West Virginia, where she grew up listening to her grandmother playing guitar, her father playing the fiddle, and tuning into radio shows such as "The Wheeling Jamboree" and "Mountain Stage." At age of fifteen, Renae' began fiddling around on her own, falling in love with various types and styles of music, listening to the likes of violinist Deni Bonet, Jean Luc Ponty, Stephane Grappelli, Vassar Clements, Mark O' Connor, Johnny Gimble and bands Kansas, The Dixie Dregs, Alabama, Charlie Daniels Band, and many others.

The Kingdom is near and Donovan S.L. is here to rock in the Spirit. With a heart for the broken, addicts, homeless, and the church crowd too, Donovan has ministered in various capacities in Northwest GA since 1999, serving in roles such as Celebrate Recovery worship leader & Small Group leader, Good Neighbour Homeless Shelter shift supervisor, leading worship by the Spirit at multiple North Georgia churches, and also running a local chapter of Desert Streams Ministries "Living Waters" program for those healing from trauma, grief, and life crisis. Touring with Caspar has been a great way to keep the Kingdom message going forth! Let's rock!

Carlos comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is there where he began his drumming training under Samuel Liftchitz. He has been backing Caspar on drums for more than 10 years. Besides his passion for music ministry, Carlos has served on multiple short term missions, running international youth camps in the Middle East and South Africa.

Brain specialist Dr. Richard Pellegrino (who is also a consultant to the entertainment industry) wrote about the incomparable, uncanny power that music has upon the human brain: that it can trigger a flood of human emotions and images that can instantaneously produce very powerful changes in emotional states. He also said that in over 30 years of doing therapy with individuals that he can't help and change a persons emotional state as well as a three minute song can do.

'Black Swan' will bring you into a jolly well joyful place. 

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